New Bucket List Item – Visit A Waterfall

By: Katie Austin 

As we plan our vacation time, whether to old favorites or new destinations, why not include a visit to a waterfall?  Yes, you read that right – a waterfall!  When I think of a waterfall, my first thought is Hawaii. Then I read an article on and was surprised to read that there are several waterfalls throughout the Grand Canyon.

Here are a few of the breathtaking pictures from the article:




Wow! The pictures are amazing! You can see/read more about the waterfalls in the Grand Canyon here.

Have you visited a waterfall? If so, where? Do you know of any other waterfalls located in the United States?  I can’t wait to plan my trip and I will be sure to share pictures when I return.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week and remember – live each day to the fullest!