The Best Things in Life are FREE

By: Roshanda Pratt

A show of hands, how many you of you like FREE stuff? I know this momma certainly does!  I am not one of those extreme coupon types, at least not yet.  However, after a working mama shared with me how she cut her grocery bill of $242 down to about $12. Yep, I’m sold.  She also told me we should not pay for toilet paper nor paper towels.  Say what?  According to her, toilet paper should be Free, nada, zilch. That sounds great seeing my children go through toilet paper in our house like it is FREE. Speaking of Free… Let’s get to the topic at hand.

I am one of those women who tries things out first before recommending it to others. You can be assured the links I give below are trustworthy.  Many of my freebies comes from blogs in which I have become Facebook fans with.  My first deal was a one year subscription to ESPN for my husband for about $4.  Next, I scored FREE paint from ACE hardware when they were giving away paint every Saturday during the month of March. My first quart of yellow paint (my favorite color) called “Sunshine” actually covered my whole laundry room.  Whoohoo!  But that is not it.  Recently, my husband and I were able to enjoy an Artisan pizza from Domino’s for you guessed it, FREE.  And to work out that pizza I earned a FREE stability ball from FITstudio by just signing up for fitness news via email.

However, there is more, Yes, so much more.  I received this beauty in the mail last week.  A FREE beauty bag of cosmetics, skin care and hair products from Target.  To get it, all I had to do was “like” Target on Facebook when they were offering a sign up for the beauty bag giveaway. I hear they do this giveaway ever so often, so keep checking back on their Facebook page.And look at this! A box of goodies from Valspar Paint. The company was giving away certain amounts of free paint of any color choice to online Facebook fans. The gift box features a small can of paint, paint roller/pan and coupons to use in the future.I can not begin to tell you how euphoric it is to get something really good for FREE. I want to share the joy with you my friends. Below I have a list of sites, I follow either via Facebook or blog for daily super deals. Again, these are sites I am familiar with and have used with no problems. If you get a really good deal or snag a Fun FREE item let me know, won’t you?

Have a fabulous time!

Ro 🙂

Here are the sites for FREE stuff:

The site touts you can find freebies, coupons and more!

On this Facebook page you can freebies, coupons, how-to’s, etc.

Jen says she can save you $54.79 or more daily.

Living large on a limited budget; Sweet who couldn’t use that!