The Best Things in Life are FREE

By: Roshanda Pratt

A show of hands, how many you of you like FREE stuff? I know this momma certainly does!  I am not one of those extreme coupon types, at least not yet.  However, after a working mama shared with me how she cut her grocery bill of $242 down to about $12. Yep, I’m sold.  She also told me we should not pay for toilet paper nor paper towels.  Say what?  According to her, toilet paper should be Free, nada, zilch. That sounds great seeing my children go through toilet paper in our house like it is FREE. Speaking of Free… Let’s get to the topic at hand.

I am one of those women who tries things out first before recommending it to others. You can be assured the links I give below are trustworthy.  Many of my freebies comes from blogs in which I have become Facebook fans with.  My first deal was a one year subscription to ESPN for my husband for about $4.  Next, I scored FREE paint from ACE hardware when they were giving away paint every Saturday during the month of March. My first quart of yellow paint (my favorite color) called “Sunshine” actually covered my whole laundry room.  Whoohoo!  But that is not it.  Recently, my husband and I were able to enjoy an Artisan pizza from Domino’s for you guessed it, FREE.  And to work out that pizza I earned a FREE stability ball from FITstudio by just signing up for fitness news via email.

However, there is more, Yes, so much more.  I received this beauty in the mail last week.  A FREE beauty bag of cosmetics, skin care and hair products from Target.  To get it, all I had to do was “like” Target on Facebook when they were offering a sign up for the beauty bag giveaway. I hear they do this giveaway ever so often, so keep checking back on their Facebook page.And look at this! A box of goodies from Valspar Paint. The company was giving away certain amounts of free paint of any color choice to online Facebook fans. The gift box features a small can of paint, paint roller/pan and coupons to use in the future.I can not begin to tell you how euphoric it is to get something really good for FREE. I want to share the joy with you my friends. Below I have a list of sites, I follow either via Facebook or blog for daily super deals. Again, these are sites I am familiar with and have used with no problems. If you get a really good deal or snag a Fun FREE item let me know, won’t you?

Have a fabulous time!

Ro 🙂

Here are the sites for FREE stuff:

The site touts you can find freebies, coupons and more!

On this Facebook page you can freebies, coupons, how-to’s, etc.

Jen says she can save you $54.79 or more daily.

Living large on a limited budget; Sweet who couldn’t use that!

Clip and Save

By: Katie Austin

Life can’t be all serious and I truly believe that laughter, a great attitude and finding something positive in everything we do will help you overcome any life hurdles that come your way.  So with that said, let’s talk coupons!

Not sure if this is a good segway, but we’ll just think of it that way 🙂

One of the things I learned through the process of fighting my breast cancer is the value of the dollar. With my medical bills coming in with statement balances that would rival that of our government budget, I needed to find a way to stretch every dollar as much as possible.  So, I went back to something I used to do more in my younger years — coupons!!  Yes, coupons!  You can find coupon flyers in your Sunday paper and can download these precious gems from various sources that test your scissor cutting skills.  I find that after all these years I can still cut pretty well and not stray too far from the dotted lines… haha

Like several of the Every Woman bloggers have mentioned, couponing can really help you save money.  So, how can coupons help you save money?  I took to the internet to find modern ways of couponing and how to make it work for me. There is a show on TLC “Extreme Couponing” that can give you some ideas as well.  For me, I will never purchase the quantities shown on the show, but I did learn how to maximize my coupons and develop a strategy that would work for my family. I use the good-ole coupons in the Sunday paper, maybe purchasing 2-3 extra papers if the coupons are good, printing out additional coupons from internet sites, using smart phone applications and picking up store coupons that are available at most customer service desks.  A combination of all or some of these has cut our food bills by at least 50% and there are times that I only spend a few dollars on a bill that would have cost over $50!  If I can save at least 50% every time I go to the grocery store and sometimes get FREE items along the way, then it is worth the change.

Another thing I learned is that my local grocery store offers e-coupons that I can add to my store card.  This is a great way to take advantage of additional savings.  These e-coupons come right off your card and you can still use your clipped coupons as well!

There are many different ways you can save with coupons and you just have to find what works best for you.  A couple of good websites that I have bookmarked and found very helpful are listed below:

Enjoy and happy savings!! 🙂

I Am So Sick of the “E” Word!

By: Elizabeth Webber Akre

America is in the economic doldrums.  Have you heard?  Of course you have.  We’re all living it.  We are living it to the point that we really don’t need to hear it anymore.  But, the media has trained us all so well to insert the “E” word into our vocabulary so much so that I think I hear it at least 5 times a day.  I am so sick of the word economy that I am consciously trying to eliminate it from my word repertoire. “E”nough already!

At one time, the word economy had a happier, more pleasant connotation.  It meant “Hey, I just got a great deal!”  or “Wow! This is a great price.”  Or “I managed to stretch my household budget because of my sense of economy.”  Now, it’s just a negative, ugly, worn-out description of this looming monster that is slowly trying to kill us all.  Well, I realized today that for me, the true meaning of the word does in fact still exist.  And, I’m not alone.  That’s right, I am one of those “coupon people” you’ve all been hearing about.

I won’t even attempt to teach the basics and certainly not the fine nuances I’ve learned over the last couple years here.  But, I will give total and complete recognition to a lady in Irmo named Jenny Martin.  She is the creator and owner of the most amazing website on Earth,  Since I discovered Southern Savers, I have learned the “tricks” of the trade.  It will blow your mind how elementary it all is and then smack yourself in the head like I did with an exclamation like “Why didn’t I figure that out?”  Since my coupon awakening, I’ve cut our household budget by at least 60%.  That’s pretty significant, if you ask me.  And, nothing beats the rush of walking out of a store with a receipt longer than your arm and having dropped a fraction of the cash than the person in line behind you!

So, today, I spent some time organizing and adding to my coupon notebook.  As the holidays approach, I will be stocking up on items needed for the parties, family get-togethers, special treats for the little one, etc.  But, it’s also a great time to build up reserves.  You know something?  It’s awesome to be in the middle of a recipe and realize you just used the last of the olive oil or soy sauce or Dijon mustard last week, but no biggie…you just open a cabinet and continue on.  That’s when you realize how truly valuable and cool couponing is.

If you haven’t joined the Coupon Nation, do yourself a favor.  Visit, spend about 30 minutes educating yourself and then send Jenny a little message letting her know what a difference she’s making in the world.  Especially in the age of the “E” word.