Creative, Special Book Wreaths

By: Shannon Boatwright 


I had the privilege of learning a new craft before the holidays, thanks to a dear colleague. One day at school, at the start of the year, I happened to see a beautiful, very unique wreath made of the pages of a book displayed in our library. I thought it was fabulous! I discovered that my colleague had actually made it. She offered to teach me how to make one. I took her up on her offer and in time discovered what a joy it was to create something so cool, unique and special. And the interesting thing is that this particular craft is so inexpensive! Yes, it is time consuming, twisting the pages and getting everything positioned just right to make all the pieces come together into a lovely creation worthy of being displayed. But it is definitely a cheap project. I bought a few books from the dollar store, choosing books that had good pages. And also from the dollar store, I bought foam board and some more glue sticks for the glue gun I already had at home. And that’s it! One wreath costs me less than $5.


Creating these lovely book wreaths really was a labor of love. The expense is not in the materials, but in the time. I spent several hours over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday making these particular wreaths to give as Christmas gifts. I only wish I’d had the time to make more! There are so many fabulous ways you can create wreaths with the pages of a book! Or, as you’ll see in my picture, a book wreath can be made with sheet music as well. I was especially proud of this wreath that I made for my Mama.


So if you’re the creative type and love to take the time to make handmade special things to give to others, you ought to give this project a try! You can research them online and find all sorts of amazing ideas for your own creations.  Here’s to getting crafty and putting time and love into special handmade gifts!

Finding Your Happy Place?

By: Roshanda Pratt

Here is a question, Do you know what brings you joy? You know the thing that brings you the greatest peace, allows you to breathe and fills a place of purpose in your life.  Since 7 years old I have had a great interest in anything involving creativity.  As a young child my mother purchased me a sewing machine.  I remember her coming home one day with a box of scraps from her friend who worked in a fabric factory.  Needless to say my Barbie was the most well dressed doll in the neighborhood.  I loved working with crafts.  The creative process helps me to say “Ahh!!!”

Then life happened…I grew up, started a professional career and left behind my “happy” place.  I finally returned when I realized once again my busy lifestyle and hectic job was sucking the life out of me.  I needed to say “Ahh” again in a major way.  After leaving my “professional” career I started designing jewelry, however, I missed my hot glue gun, foam paint brushes and glitter.  Most recently, I got my mojo back and it has been a glorious experience.  For the past month, I have been working on giving new life to an old dresser my mother-in-law gave me.  I have really enjoyed the process of sanding, buffing, priming and painting this little beauty.  I am not finished yet, but so far it is really starting to look great.  What do you think?

This is the dresser given to me by my mother-in-law which will become a buffet.  This little beauty will be one of the features in our living room adorned with pictures of my husband and I Grandmothers.

This month as we finish the first month in the next year I want to highly encourage you to find the thing that brings you great joy?  As I affectionately like to call it, find your “happy place.”  Like many of you, I wear many hats and have made it my mission to crave out crafting time in my daily schedule.   It makes me such a happy camper, but most importantly it helps me to step back and take a moment to say, “Ahh” I know we could all use a moment to take a deep breath.  I would recommend crafting, but maybe that’s not your thing, but you’ve got to find your thing and find it quickly – it very well may save your life or at least your sanity!

Enjoying My Happy Place!