Need a stress relief? Try coloring.

By: LexMed staff


Stress can be a major factor contributing to heart disease. Lexington Medical Heart and Vascular Center wants you to “Just Say Know” to heart disease by lowering your stress levels. One way to do that is by coloring.

Download a fee stress relief coloring sheet by visiting

Dealing with strokes: think F-A-S-T

By: LexMed staff

When it comes to stroke, think F-A-S-T: facial drooping, arm weakness, slurred speech and time to call 9-1-1. Lexington Medical Center is a Primary Stroke Center, honored for its prompt treatment of stroke patients, saving lives and preventing long-term disability. Learn more at

Meet Staci Rutherford

If you’re into fashion and handbags, you will love Staci Rutherford. Her obsession with handbags is so extreme that she started a blog called the Handbag Report. Staci’s vision was that would become a place where people would be inspired and connect with others around the globe who love handbags. She studied apparel manufacturing management at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles, and dreams of one day creating her own handbag collection! Learn more about Staci in this introductory video:

Meet Crissie Kirby

Crissie is a lifelong resident of the Midlands and currently lives in Batesburg-Leesville. She’s a mom who has found blogging to be a wonderful emotional outlet and source of support. Notably, Crissie has survived her husband’s deployment and then divorce, and is now looking to thrive in this new phase of her life. When you view Crissie’s introductory video (below) you’ll see why we find her to be so compelling.

Meet Elizabeth Akre

Not only is Elizabeth at home in the kitchen, she will make you feel at home in the kitchen! If you’re intimidated by cooking, she will help make it fun and accessible. Elizabeth is a mom, Realtor and food blogger. She delights in sharing stories of her most infamous kitchen catastrophies. We’re excited to have her as one of our bloggers for the LMC Every Woman Blog.

Meet Shannon Shull

You’ve heard the story about the woman who gives up her life in the big city to return to the small town where she grew up.  Well, that woman is Shannon Shull and we are fortunate to have her back in our community! Take a couple of minutes to watch Shannon’s video. We have a feeling that she will quickly become one of your favorites.