Solmates: The Socks That Helped Save My Life

By: Mary Pat Baldauf I was recently on a trip to Golden, Colorado and slipped away to see the charming downtown. After a day in renewable energy meetings, I needed a break and something different for dinner. I also wanted … Continue reading

Post Aneurysm Victories: Things Are Getting Better Every Day

By: Mary Pat Baldauf At Shepherd Center in Atlanta, they told me that my brain could be healing for up to two years. My recovery was so quick once we really got started with therapy, especially outpatient, that two years … Continue reading

Original Pancake House: Celebrating 25 Years of Delicious Food

In the pancakes of life, sisters are the syrup. By: Mary Pat Baldauf If you see me at the Original Pancake House, especially at night, chances are I’ll be with my roommate, BFF and sister Beth. We love breakfast for … Continue reading

Jumpstart Your Journaling with 10 Questions

By: Mary Pat Baldauf In December, I rededicated myself to writing. Not for work, this blog, or a freelance assignment, but writing for myself. I struggled a bit to get started. A blank page can be intimidating, and I’m not … Continue reading

A Sea Change to My Exercise Routine

By: Mary Pat Baldauf  The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. – Alan Watts Early morning exercise: I’ve blogged about it, praised it and lived it. … Continue reading