Sweetest Little Fellas

By Shannon Boatwright

“Sweetest little fella, Everybody knows, Don’t know what to call her, but she’s mighty like a rose, lookin’ at her Lolli, with eyes so big and brown, makes ya think that heaven, has just come to town.”


My sweet Lolli, my Mama’s mother, used to sing this song to me. Now, all of us Vaughan Girls, the ladies of my family, sing this same song to our own “little lovettes,” as she’d say.

This past week, over my Spring Break, my own babies and I had the opportunity to visit family in NC. We were able to meet our newest cousin for the first time. He is such a precious addition to our awesome family. It was a sweet moment when we felt the urge and calling to sing this special song to our newest angel baby. My Lolli would always adapt the song for boys and girls and for brown eyes or blue eyes.

I personally have very vivid memories of laying my little head on my Lolli’s chest hearing the ticking of her incredible heart. The heart that had been operated on back when they still broke open your ribs to get to your heart. The heart that had a pig’s valve that ticked so loudly, you could hear it in any quiet room if you stood next to her. It was a normal, comforting sound for me. A sound I grew up with and that represented peace and love to me.

I can still think back… the priceless memories allow me to smell, feel and hear all those sounds that remind me of my childhood. It’s such a lovely, unbelievable thing. I can hear my Lolli’s voice singing this song. I can feel her skin and her hands as they hold and love on me. I can hear the rhythm of her fantastic heart creating the baseline of love as she sings that lovely song to me. I’d have the pleasure of hearing it in sweet moments, in fun moments, and in moments of sadness.

It’s only now that I’m older, in our moments of admiring and adoring our newest addition to the family, that we actually thought about and had a discussion about the meaning of the song. This was the only part I knew and that I remember being sung. But it’s an angelic thing that suddenly brings a bit of magical understanding to why I always refer to my own children as my angel babies. Looking into their precious, innocent eyes truly does seem like a slice of heaven. When those angel babies look up at you with such purity, it seriously is as if heaven has come to town. How true the song is!

It’s a lovely thing indeed when we take time to treasure the sweetest lil fellas in our lives. Treasure the moments with your angel babies. Allow yourself to feel and be a part of that little slice of heaven!

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