Life After Loss

By Lisa Baker

Hope everyone enjoyed time with friends and family for Easter and Spring Break!  Remember that Jesus died on the cross to forgive us of our sins.  We only need to believe and ask for His forgiveness.

As always, life has been busy for us.  Dad has tried to get out of the window in his room.  Thank God for the alarms.  He managed to get the screen out but never made it out the window.

He continues to progress in his dementia.  Some days he knows us, and some days he doesn’t.  He has told us and staff that Mom has come to see him.

Attach0It’s hard to believe she has been gone a month now.  I often find myself wanting to give her a call to tell her about things going on in my life.  I’ve been going about the things to handle her estate: getting copies of her death certificate to the appropriate parties, going to Probate court, and endless paperwork.

Grief is a funny thing.  You find yourself in tears sometimes over the littlest thing.  Other times you find yourself just living a somewhat normal life, yet she is always on my mind.

My son and his wife have celebrated their second wedding anniversary, and we will soon celebrate the birth of their first child.  The baby is due in May.


My husband and I went to the Easter sunrise service at Macedonia Lutheran Church.  It was a beautiful service.FB_IMG_1555848606683

Make memories with your loved ones.  I’ll see you next time.

1 thought on “Life After Loss

  1. Pranks so much for your post! Praying! It is. It easy but with the love of Christ he will see you through this and you will get to enjoy your grand child! Love you sweetie!

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