A Purpose to Repurpose

By: Marianna Boyce

Do you have a dresser drawer (or two) overflowing with old, unworn, nostalgic T-shirts?  Are you the person who would simply purge them without batting an eye?  Maybe you’re happier packing them up and tossing them into the attic.  My son’s choice was to neatly pack his inside a flat, plastic bin conveniently rolled under his bed.

Being a member of White Knoll High School Marching Band (2002-2006) and Furman University’s Paladin Regiment (2006-2010), Cody had an over-abundance of band shirts—never to be worn again—but absolutely, never to be thrown away!

A few years ago, I stumbled across a website that repurposed his band related T-shirts into a queen-sized quilt.  I wondered if he’d be upset about me cutting those old shirts around the seams, boxing them up, and shipping them to our neighboring state of North Carolina.  I was a bit nervous, but when his birthday rolled around, he was thrilled with this one of a kind keepsake!  His reaction was well worth the cost of admission, which was actually quite reasonable.  As a mom, this made me feel incredible!


If you are sentimental, I’m sure you’d love to recycle your vintage, school, or vacation getaway tees.  Simply round up forty-nine “panels” of your own shirts and see what this “Made in the USA” company can do for you!


A “panel” is one side of a shirt, so if you like the front and back of your Eagles concert souvenir, this would count as two panels.  Each one is stitched with high quality craftsmanship to a lightweight fleece backing made with recycled plastic bottles.  If you’re “green,” this is perfect for you too.  The fleece comes in a variety of color choices and sizes, but I find queen-sized is perfect.

What do your T-shirts say about you?  My husband is a huge guitar fanatic, so I image3recently convinced him to have one made with his awesome tees.  I rounded up shirts I’ve acquired over the years to also have one made for me—from Folly Beach, SC, St. Thomas Virgin Islands, Cancun Mexico, Tombstone Arizona, to the Grand Canyon—mine is a hodgepodge of phenomenal trips I’ve taken, plus a few extras.

If you’re wondering what you should do with yours, allow Project Repat to make you an unforgettable memento.  Instructions on their website are easy to follow.  They also allow ample time to submit your shirts after you purchase the size and fleece color of your choice.  This company will definitely bring a smile to your face and quite possibly, happy tears to your eyes.  As stated in their brochure, “Embrace the stories of your life,” or better yet, “Memories you can snuggle up to!”

I am not being paid to advertise for this company.  Their service is just too great not to share with you. What better way to display your unique personality!  Visit www.ProjectRepat.com to order yours.  You will not be disappointed!



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