Know Your ABCs: Always. Be. Creating.

By Shannon Boatwright 

So I have this dear friend who I had the honor of meeting when I lived in Los Angeles, CA. We’ve known each other for over 18 years, which is craziness to me, because it seems just like yesterday that we were escaping to dinner and a movie together, getting much needed girl time, being an ear and a shoulder for one another, discussing our hopes and dreams, supporting each other, and somehow always being present for each other no matter how busy or crazy our lives managed to get.  Even after I moved away from Cali and back to my home state of South Carolina, we have always stayed in touch. Though we are miles and miles apart, we have always been able to let each other know that we’re here for one another, we support one another, and no matter how much time goes by, there just seems to be this understanding that we will always be here for each other. Whether trails or tribulations, we’ve got each other’s backs. It’s a friendship that has stood the test of time. I take great confidence in knowing we’ll someway, somehow always stay in touch, and I have faith that our love and support for one another will never wain.

Here’s the beautiful thing about this amazing friend of mine, Tammy Hunt: she’s consistently providing inspiration. Anyone who truly knows me, knows that I love to inspire others in my work, daily life, and with my entertainment endeavors. I also love to be inspired by others. I draw great inspiration from what others share. My passions grow thanks to the inspiration that others provide, and my friend Tammy Hunt is a great source of that inspiration.

She recently shared a post on her Instagram (@therealtammyhunt):

Always Be Creating

This is painted on a wall in downtown Los Angeles, and I love it. One of the many things I focus on in the classes I teach is the incredible importance of creativity, so I firmly believe that one must always have the opportunity to be creative. The opportunity to create on any level is critical to growing as an individual. I’m not just talking about creating on some huge, major level. One can create on any level – whether by getting creative with a recipe, how you set up your living room, how you display family photos, how you share a post on social media, or how you design your flower garden. One can be creative at work by coming up with ways that allow them to be more productive, create a safer work environment, or ways to instigate more positivity and support in the office. Creativity has no limits. Creativity is not just reserved for big time artists. Creativity involves thinking outside of the box and can provide opportunity for great things, big and small. Creativity involves using one’s imagination, which I believe is one of the greatest tools/abilities/skills a person can tap into. The imagination is such a powerful force!

One of my favorite quotes to share with my students is from Albert Einstein himself: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”  I cannot express how much I love that one of the smartest humans that graced our planet firmly believed in the power of imagination and creativity!

Shannon with her friend Tammy HuntSo I love this concept of knowing your ABCs 😉 : this idea that we should never quit creating. This important point allows us to recognize the importance of creativity and using our imaginations to create, on any and all levels. I’m not surprised at all that my outstanding friend, Tammy Hunt, is consistently a source of inspiration for me. I am ever thankful for her constant ability to inspire others. She is a talent manager and not only recognizes talent, but she also recognizes potential. She is a builder of dreams, a support system for those who ooze talent and want to share it with others. She provides guidance and connections for those who engage in the art of being creative. I think what she does is fabulous! I’m proud of her hard work and the way in which she inspires others to pursue their dreams and the way she provides positive inspiration and reminders of what is truly important in life. I know I am certainly thankful for her beauty inside and out. I am thankful for the inspiration she sparks within me. I applaud this lady and am proud to call her my dear friend.

With all this being said, don’t be afraid to draw inspiration from others and inspire others. It’s a priceless treasure for sure. And by all means, make sure you know your ABCs. Find ways to Always Be Creating!



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