Happy New Year

By Lisa Baker

I hope everyone had a very happy start to their New Year.  My husband and I did not do any special celebrating.  I had to work New Year’s Eve while he was off, and he had to work New Year’s Day while I was off, so the New Year slipped in while we both slept.

img950009We got Mom moved into her new facility.  It is an assisted living facility in Batesburg.  She looks happy in the picture.  She still thinks that she has to check on Dad every day, so we have to tell her that he is fine, and that the staff at his facility are taking care of him.  We remind her that we will take her to visit him every so often so she can see for herself that he is fine.

My sister-in-law, Stefanie, went by to see her a couple of days after she moved in.  She made a point to peek in the window to see what she was doing before entering.  Mom was sitting with a group of ladies, and they were all talking and laughing and looked like they were having a good time together.  It feels good to see her happy.  Yet if you ask her, she will still say she doesn’t like it there.  Sometimes you just have to laugh.  Especially when you can tell by watching that she is indeed enjoying herself.

Dad is doing OK.  He has gone downhill, and you can tell by trying to talk with him.  He will just look at you when you talk with him as if he can’t really understand what you are saying.  He still seems to know us and will call us by name which is a blessing.  He has become a little steadier in his balance and walking.


I’m not sure if he is missing Mom a lot or not.  I guess only time will tell.  The doctor is changing his medication a bit and will keep a check on him to see if this helps.

Our lives continue to change.  It seems like not much settles down for a while before something else happens, so we are really hoping with the New Year that things will settle down some.

Right now, we each try to see Mom and Dad as often as we can.  For me, this past week has been very busy at work, so I haven’t gone by as much as I would have liked.  Therefore, I’ve made a few phone calls to check on them both.


In other family news, my son, Justin, and his beautiful wife, Rachel, are expecting their first baby in May. At their last doctor appointment, they found it’s going to be a boy.


They are very excited, and so am I.  Out of all our grandchildren, this one will be local to us, so let the loving and spoiling begin.  I can’t wait!

So, I’ll leave you all for now.  I’m sure I’ll have lots more to tell you in my next blog post.

Remember to make memories while you can and enjoy each day!


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