For Want of a Nail…

By: Stacy Thompson

To those who know me well, I am fairly multi-faceted–I’m a lawyer, a hiker (when my mom takes me along), a former college athlete, a creator of superb tailgates, a world traveler and a lover of all God’s furry creatures. But it comes as a surprise to many of my friends that I’m also quite crafty, a pseudo-Martha Stewart without the penchant for perfection and the unfortunate Federal incarceration. My grandma Betty was the ultimate Craft Queen–I have the best memories of any time we spent together, days filled with awesome knittinghandmade teacher gifts, unusual crafts for my parents and even the odd limerick about cherished family pets (‘there once was a beagle named Luke, whose curly tail wasn’t a fluke…he got spooked by a fly, and jumped up to the sky…and everyone thought he was kook!’–my favorite, by far).  

I decided about two years ago to learn how to knit…no reason…just, because (and it was New Years Eve, so you gotta make a resolution, right?!?). I bought an app and more yarn than any person could knit in a lifetime, and here I am now creating very basic, very mundane, but gorgeous (thanks to cool yarn) scarves that I enjoy to no end. (Only with the knit-stitch and an occasional purl– my next New Years Resolution is to learn to knit in the round.) Despite this accomplishment, many of my Facebook friends were shocked at a recent reference to my ‘sewing table.’ Unabashedly and, in fact, with great pride, I gave them the following explanation–

Some of you think it out of character that I have a sewing table–before you believe I’ve lost my mind, here is the progression:

1) Your parents decide to downsize after 39 years in your childhood home.

2) Said parents tell you to come get all of your stuff (or it will be thrown into the dumpster they rented), which includes boxes of Duran Duran keepsakes (don’t worry my childhood friends, I’m keeping them) and boxes of T-shirts and sports uniforms from your youth.

3) “T-shirt quilt” immediately springs to mind, as you have inherited your father’s penchant for holding on to anything remotely resembling a keepsake and being physically unable to throw said items away.

4) Google search of ‘T-shirt quilt’ reveals that those things are way too expensive and heck yeah, I can do that myself. (I should have also Googled ‘Pinterest-fail’ at this point.)

5) You take advantage of Amazon Prime and order a sewing machine and every appurtenance known to man (including so much fabric that Michaels has asked to keep you on standby should they run low).

6) You realize soon after delivery that despite YouTube videos and a capacity to complete law school and pass the Bar Exam, no, you can’t figure out this complexity on your own.

7) A course schedule for Midlands Tech magically appears in your mailbox the following week and you sign up for Sewing I. Hilarity and utter creativity ensues…

**mike drop**

My sewing table provides peace, serenity and one kick-butt quilt. (Once I finish Sewing I, Sewing II and get as much help as possible from the fine ladies at JoAnn’s–OK, maybe not even then, but I will have fun trying!!) And yes, I’ll post pictures once I have something remotely resembling a finished quilt.

To all my friends and those reading this blog…step out of your comfort zone and into something you never thought possible–win or lose, you will not be disappointed!!

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