Rule Your World!

By: Shannon Boatwright


That Amy Poehler has got one heck of a great point. Let’s think about this. Think on all the moments in your entire lifetime when you wish you had gotten up and acted on the inspiration that stirred within you. Those simple moments when your favorite song graced the airwaves and you could hardly resist singing and/or dancing along. Or those deeper moments when the pressure in your chest, that weighed heavy on your heart, sent a message to your brain, desperately wanting you to speak out, lend a helping hand, come to someone’s rescue, or stand up for what you knew in your heart was right. But then you allowed the strains of society to control your inspirations and out of shyness, embarrassment and/or fear, you held in your moment of passion. You pushed that act of inspiration down, stifled it, and later only wished you’d just let it go and lived out your passion in that moment.

Great quotes seem to inspire me left and right. This quote caught my attention because I’ve lived the depth behind it – on minor and major levels. When I was a young child, I was incredibly shy. When I was in my element, surrounded by close friends and family, some of my fabulousness would shine and break through, but all too often, shyness, timidness and fear kept the true fruits of my inspirations locked down. I felt that feeling of regret, disappointment and dismay on so many occasions – for not letting myself speak out and stand up for what I believed in or let loose and be totally taken by the incredible music. As I got older, I realized I hated that feeling of regret. I hated that pressure in my chest that built when I really wanted to do or say something, and I started to do better. It’s been a gradual process to build the confidence to follow my inspirations. Sometimes I rock it and other times I fall short and am left with that disappointment for not taking action. But at my age now, I appreciate the awareness of knowing the joy and/or relief that I can feel, if I just allow myself to rule my own world.

So consider if you will, letting go of your inhibitions and fear of what others think and just dance, speak up, stand tall… Be free and rule your world! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Rule Your World!

  1. Dance like no one is watching and if you make a mis-step, make it part of the routine like it was always supposed to be there! It’s your dance to your music – Just have fun!

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