Introducing Our New Every Woman Bloggers: Meet Rachel Sircy

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Hello, Columbia! My name is Rachel Sircy – yes, that is pronounced like the gift (let that subtle hint sink in, *wink* *wink*) – and I am delighted to be one of Every Woman’s newest bloggers. I came across an article about the Every Woman blog contest while leafing through a copy of Lexington Medical Center’s internal news magazine, Intercom. I had been looking for a creative outlet and I was drawn to the opportunity to write for a blog that is for women, by women and that addresses issues that affect our local community. My goal is to make a real contribution to this community of women.

A little bit about me: I have been a Columbia resident for seven years now, though I originally hail from Athens, Ohio. I am a joyful Christian and mother of one rambunctious, sassy 19-month-old girl, who will herein be affectionately referred to as HRH (Her Royal Highness). Recently, I have been blessed to celebrate the 9th anniversary of being married to the love of my life. Marriage and motherhood are two subjects that mean a great deal to me, as is the idea – which I may never fully formulate – of what it means to be a Christian and a woman in this world. I think and write on these subjects often. In anything that I write, I hope to honor God and the two nearest and dearest people in my life.

Birthday Girls

In college, I majored in creative writing, which is why I have spent most of my adult life working as a receptionist in some capacity or other. The end result of most artistic endeavors is usually starvation, but, being the kind of person who likes to eat, I opted for a desk job instead. And what I eat is generally a source of fascination for most people. I have celiac disease (pronounced “silly yak”). There is quite a lot of detail that I could go into about what it means to be a celiac, but for now, suffice it to say that it means that I can only eat gluten-free foods. And, when I say that I have to eat gluten free foods, I do mean that I have to eat gluten-free foods. Unlike the growing number of glittering celebrities who are making the gluten free diet the next fashionable food trend, I was told by a licensed gastroenterologist in some very un-glittering terms what would happen to me if I did not follow a strictly gluten free diet. So, I have joined a tribe of urban hunter-gatherers and, while Hollywood sells gluten-free, paleo-friendly eating as the next great cure for what-ails-you, we are chewing our way through mountains of cardboard squares that have been cruelly mislabeled as “bread.” Finding gluten-free solutions in a wheat-centric culture can be an exercise in chasing one’s tail. And so, to all the gluten intolerant and gluten sensitive in the Columbia area, I am here for you and I will be writing down what little I know in an attempt to help us all.

And so, that’s me, a gastrically-challenged woman, wife and mother who is trying, above all, to lead a Christian life. I will be looking forward to our next meeting.

P.S. My husband is an English teacher at Heathwood Hall, and he often complains that he is teaching a dying subject. As a tribute to him, and to encourage us all to be more involved with literature in general, I will be ending each blog with a recommended reading. You can let me know via the comments section if you do choose to read any of the books I recommend. We would love to hear from you! The recommended reading for today will be one of the books that he is teaching this year: Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley (and no, the movie doesn’t count). Happy reading!

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