You Are In Charge…

By: Shannon Boatwright


Remove stressful activities and demands from your life.
If you cannot, then learn to joyfully deal with them.
Either way, no more complaining.
You are in charge of what you allow in your life and how you cope.

Brendon Burchard

I am inspired by music and/or quotes almost every day, and some days I am inspired by both. Several weeks ago, I came across the lovely and powerful quote above and took a screenshot of it – which lately seems to be my go-to method for collecting these types of things that I like and am touched by in some way. Modern technology! When I need a pick me up, some good ole positive reinforcement, or more smiles to add to my happiness, I skim over my screenshots of quotes and songs in addition to my precious pictures, which create a sea of inspiration.

As I recently dove into my l’il sea of specialness, this particular quote stuck with me. Most of us are not necessarily capable of actually removing stressful activities and demands from our lives. Unfortunately, it’s just not that easy for some of us. But we can indeed attempt to joyfully deal with them. Although I quickly admit, it’s easy to snicker and even giggle at the thought of handling my most stressful situations with any ounce of joy! I mean, come on, really!!?? But hey, maybe I should try it more often – honestly make an effort to deal with the stress with as much of a joyful, accepting nature that I can muster up and just see how things go. It certainly can’t hurt the situation! Unless of course I let sarcasm take over my joy a bit…but still, I’d bet that would still put me on the up and up, as opposed to letting a situation crush my chest and sit on my heart with the immense weight of stress.

The really interesting part of the quote is when it states, “either way, no more complaining.” So direct. So true. So near impossible. Yes, complaining rarely gets us any peace, nor does it put us in a positive way of thinking. BUT, let’s dissect this a bit. Sometimes, when we unleash our frustrations, say with our partner and/or best friend, not only do we feel better from releasing our frustrations by simply voicing them, but sometimes we’re able to come to a solution and/or provide an opportunity for someone to help you in some way get to a better place. Let’s face it, sometimes we just need an opportunity to fuss, with those we can trust, to keep us on track. We should certainly never let complaining turn us into something ugly that only multiplies on itself and grows negativity. But in turn, we also do not want to weigh ourselves down by harboring frustrations that we could quickly, innocently release. All that being said, I do get the main point in the quote, which is, whether you can or cannot change your circumstances to eliminate the stress, by all means, deal with it as best you possibly can, without complaining your whole way through your survival. Drowning yourself in an ocean of complaints will not help you reach your desired destination.

Now let’s get to the gold of the quote, my favorite piece of this inspiration…YOU, yes YOU, are in charge of what you allow in your life and how you cope with it. Sure it’s not easy…it usually never is, in fact. This is life we’re talking about, after all. But we have the ability and the right to control what we allow into our lives, how we let things affect us, and how we react and respond to those things. We can choose to cope with a positive heart or an ugly, negative one. We can either breed negativity and allow it to eat us alive or we can choose to breed positive things that will lighten our hearts and allow true joy into our lives.

The interesting thing is, I came across another quote I had taken a screenshot of that also really caught my eye and my heart, and low and behold, it’s from the same person, Brendon Burchard, who happens to have an Instagram account (@Brendon.Motivation) that is dedicated to motivating others.

So to close out my entry here, I suggest you find some outlet for motivation and inspiration if you don’t already have one. Let words empower you and remind you of the best ways to cope with life and make the absolute best of it. Amongst all the craziness of our world, I leave you with this quote. I only wish that all of the human race accomplish this…

Humanity is seeing others and saying, “I wish you joy, love, health and abundance.”
Not just those you like or agree with. Every. Single. Person.

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