A Trip to the Mailbox

By: Mary Pat Baldauf

The past week, I’ve complained several times that the walk to the mailbox is a total waste of time, except for getting steps on my Fitbit. It’s gotten to the point that we just get junk. Today made up for it, however, as I received the title to my car in the mail.

Buh ByeI looked at the envelope and marveled at how realistic sales mail had become. There was no way that envelope held the title to my car. I still owed at least $8,000 on it. In the hopes that a fairy godmother had paid off my car loan – it could happen, right? – I opened the envelope to find my title.

(Wait, what, my car is paid off?)

I was certain there had been a mistake. Before I got too excited, I picked up the phone to call Chase. The rep laughed at my disbelief. How could I have made the last payment without knowing it? The timing seemed right. I bought the car new, and it’s a 2010. I giggled with excitement as I told my sister, and as usual, she had the most profound insight.

“You know, it was about a year ago, Dr. Vox at the Shepherd Center told Mom and I to consider selling your car,” she said. “He didn’t expect you to be able to drive again and suggested that car payment money may be needed for medical bills.”

(Drop the mike.)

She’d told me that before, but it holds new meaning now. (I still wonder how my prognosis was so far off base.) This is definitely worthy of a celebration. For now, I’m anxiously awaiting the end of the month, the day that my “next car payment” is due. There are so many great things I can do with that extra money. Pay off a credit card, increase contributions to my retirement fund and savings accounts, finally get my scratched bumper fixed or even get that remote starter I wanted in December. A celebration indeed!

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