Getting My Second Chance Right

By: Mary Pat Baldauf

MaryPatI know I’ve mentioned how much I love Positively Positive, and an article in today’s morning email just reminded me why.

When I survived my ruptured brain aneurysm a year ago, I had so many people tell me that I must’ve lived for a reason. One person was even so assertive as to tell me that I needed to find my purpose and fulfill it. They told me that as I was struggling with post-aneurysm issues at Shepherd Center, and I replied, very sarcastically, “Let me learn how to walk again, and then I’ll get to that purpose.”

Today’s article in Positively Positive, Finding Your Life Purpose: It’s Closer Than You Think, asserts that while fixating on finding our purpose that we miss out on important stuff in the present. I love that concept, and it makes me feel better about not having “found my purpose.”

In my morning conversation with God, which usually occurs somewhat hastily on the way to work, I often ask for guidance in being the best version of me that I can be that day. Sometimes opportunities present themselves and we take action, other times we may provide just what someone needs without even knowing it.  Kismet, if you will.

I wish I had written the article in today’s Positively Positive, but I’m thankful that I saw it. It is proof positive that I’m getting this “second chance” thing right.

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