God’s Other Plans

By: Mary Pat Baldauf 

I skipped church Sunday morning to take care of a few time-sensitive tasks. I hate to play hookey from church because God never played hookey on me during my recovery (except maybe on that day I contracted c. Diff.) but I was starting to feel some severe pressure to get a few things done.

My rehab hospital in Atlanta is doing a “Where Are They Now” feature on me for their next magazine, and I have to get them a photo. I started out looking through my Facebook photos and got lost in the journey of the last eight months.

My new motto is to enjoy the present and everything in it. Thankfully, my present is being documented by a personal photographer, my sweet sister Beth, who is still amazed at every thing I do. (Because, she explains, the initial prognosis was that I would never do some of this stuff again.)

I remember when I was in my first days at Shepherd Center, someone commented that God must have big plans for me for bringing me through the aneurysm rupture. I still have a lot of questions for and about God, but today, I think he is okay with me skipping church. After all, if I hadn’t stayed home, I would’ve missed the goodness and warmth of those couple of hours.


For today’s post, I thought I’d share a handful of the greatness that has happened since I’ve been back in Columbia. There were many other great moments, but these were the clearest shots (aka best for the magazine.) I made it into a collage for the blog, but sent the magazine these photos individually. (They only need one, so I’m going to make them do the choosing.)

As we move into Thanksgiving week, I thank everyone who made the past eight months possible. Whether you prayed for me, sent a card, welcomed me back with a great hug or helped me celebrate, you are all such an important part of my life. Together we are #MPBStrong.

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