Letting Go of the Farm

By: Brady Evans

I’m learning the difference between missing something and regretting something.

The farm

My husband and I are trying to sell our farm. The farm is the reason we moved to South Carolina. It is the reason we jumped into the world of horses. It gave us so much purpose, inspiration, and LIFE for years. But it’s gotten to a point where it drained us of purpose (any purpose other than farm things), inspiration, and life. It was a constant to-do list; we were ridden with guilt every moment we spent NOT working on it. The chores separated our new little family on the weekends.

My husband and I both work full time. My husband travels. The brunt of it ALL (work, motherhood, farm) falls on me a lot. It got to be too much.

The farm

We agonized over the decision. Would we regret leaving the farm? We worked so hard to buy it. We’d never get it back if we sold it. When the baby is older and things are a little easier will we be sorry?

The farm

And then we learned that we could miss the farm without regretting selling it. We know there are many times in a person’s life where changes must be made and things happen beyond our control. And we miss what changed or we miss what might have been. But that doesn’t mean we regret walking one path over another.

When we give up the farm, we will gain a lot of things. The things we gain – time, flexibility, and more – are just as important and valuable as the things we lose.  We’ve purchased our new house and are excited to move in. We haven’t left the farm yet because life has been too busy to list it for sale. But we are so excited for our next chapter.

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