Use Your Noodles!

By: Shannon Shull

Who knew those good ole cheap pool noodles had so many uses? Upon using pool noodles as part of our Ghostbusters Proton Packs for my big 80s show this past school year, it came to my attention that these pool noodles can be used for TONS of things! Some uses are for pure fun, some are incredibly handy and some provide great safety pool noodlesmeasures. No need to go spend a fortune on anything fancy, check out the opportunities a 99-cent pool noodle can provide for you and your family! Below is just a quick list I pounded out to get ya brainstorming…

  • Tub toys
  • Pool throne
  • Toilet cushion
  • Hanger cushions, (no creases!)
  • Boot holder-uppers
  • Trampoline coil protectors
  • Quilt storage holders
  • Paint brush holders
  • Light sabers
  • Race car tracks
  • Pool serving dish
  • Pool cup holders
  • Cord holders
  • Jewelry holders
  • Garland
  • Rockets
  • Sword protectors
  • Wreaths
  • Child proofing

You can search Google for images of “pool noodle uses” and get a wealth of ideas. And don’t even get me started on the enormous possibilities provided on Pinterest! Below are just two links to some cool info on pool noodle usage. The possibilities are endless! So get creative, save money and enjoy the benefits of a good ole, cheap pool toy.

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