A New Way to Change Your Polish

By: Chaunte McClure

For most ladies, summertime means keeping your armpits and legs shaved and your toenails polished. I had a pedicure in May and had my polish changed at the spa visit during my Charleston getaway, and it’s finally time for a fresh coat of color. I’ve been waiting on the opportunity to remove the worn polish after discovering what I thought was a brilliant idea on an alternative way to remove polish from your toenails.

Just get a couple cotton balls and nail polish remover, right? Sure, you can use the traditional method, but what if you’ve recently had a manicure and you don’t want to ruin your fingernail polish while trying to freshen up the polish on your toenails? I guess you could put on rubber gloves to prevent acetone from making contact with your lovely nails. (Maybe not!) Or you could ask a friend to take the polish off your toes. Don’t tell my
friends, but I don’t think I want to touch any of their feet. Your friends are probably less of a germaphobic than me though. If no one is around, or no one wants to touch your feet, try using a tampon. Yes, a tampon! It’s like having cotton balls in an applicator. Well, not so much.

removing nail polish

From my post, A Knack for Hacks, you learned that there are multiple uses for various products and apparently that includes tampons. I learned about it on Facebook and looked forward to trying it. All you have to do is push the tampon out slightly, dip it into the polish remover and rub the tip of the tampon back and forth across your toe nail to remove the polish. I just made it sound easy, but I didn’t follow the directions quite like that. I think I pushed the tampon out too far. I’ll use that as my reason for giving this hack a thumbs down. I’ll stick to the cotton balls. I ended up using my fingers, which means if my nails were polished, they would have been ruined. It seemed like a good idea when I learned of it. Oh well, I guess for me, tampons will remain to have one use and one use only.

removing nail polish

removing nail polish

Give this hack a try and let me know how you like it.

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