Saying Goodbye

By: Shannon Shull

I experienced a bittersweet week recently in which I had to say goodbye to my students from this past school year and pack up my entire classroom. The middle school that I have the honor of teaching at is splitting into two schools – an intermediate school and a new middle school. I get to move my drama department to the new middle school. In preparation for this big move, I had to pack up literally everything.

my empty classroom

My empty classroom

es, I admit, my Thor poster had to stay up until I was ready to walk out the door that final time! ;-)

Yes, I admit, my Thor poster had to stay up until I was ready to walk out the door that final time! 😉

As I taped up the final box and checked out with administration, I took a moment to reflect. As I gazed upon the small, emptied space, I thought about all the incredible experiences I have witnessed and been a part of over the past two school years. Trials and tribulations galore! If the walls could whisper, I’d hope they’d say there was once a woman here that accomplished great things for and with her students. A woman who made big sacrifices to be an outstanding teacher of Drama.

A student note.

A student note.

Student notes

Student notes

It’s not until the room is quiet that some teachers will realize how much they will actually miss their students. Though we all desperately need a much-deserved break, there’s still a part of us that will miss some of our precious students. Only the day before, on the last day of school, my classroom was packed with energetic students singing and dancing, celebrating the end of a long school year. My honors students filled my room and as the last afternoon announcements of the school year ended, they literally recreated a scene from High School Musical II, in which they chanted “Summer, Summer, Summer…!” and then broke out into the song “Summertime” from the movie. What fun! And what a glorious, super-fun exit! Tearful hugs and best wishes for all things created a sweet final goodbye.

Precious Note from one of my 8th Graders

Precious Note from one of my 8th Graders

My wish is that we all have a productive, restful, and fun summer that reinvigorates us all! And I know this lady here will be happy to see some of those precious, smiling faces next school year who appreciated and adored their teacher so much!

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