Saved By the Bell

By: Mary Pat Baldauf

Mary PatThis has been my first post in a while. On March 18 around midnight, I had a strange sensation in my head. It almost felt like lightning striking the center of my head and radiating down through all of the veins. I felt some funny sensations, dizziness and such, and it bothered me enough that I told my roommate just in case it “turned out to be serious.”

The next morning my alarm went off and off and off. My roommate came to turn it off and found me lying on the floor by my bed. She called 911 and this crazy journey started. I’d had a brain aneurysm burst. May is National Stroke Awareness Month, thus the perfect time to share this with you.

I’m still learning about aneurysms, and I’m anxious to talk to the doctor who worked on me those early weeks. But my mother and sister tell me that I wasn’t expected to live, much less recover. Today I am at a rehab facility in Atlanta relearning basic skills like walking. Being in a hospital bed for a month wipes you out. When I first left Columbia, I couldn’t walk, stand on my own or even sit up without falling over.

I plan to share more with you in coming posts. But for now, I want to say thank you.

5 thoughts on “Saved By the Bell

  1. This is awesome Mary Pat! Each time I hear of someone else having a ruptured aneurysm I relive my own experience to some extent. The “what ifs” and “what’s nexts” will drive you nuts but you’ve come such a long way. You are an inspiration!!

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