New Year’s Resolutions

By: Brady Evans

How are we all doing on our New Year’s Resolutions? Mine has gone down in flames. I resolved to use my cell phone less. I installed an app that tracks time spent on my cell limit smartphone usephone, number of times my phone is awoken from sleep mode, and what apps I use most frequently. I paid attention to the data for about two weeks before deleting the app. It made me feel guilty. I was always in the red zone.

The problem was – I use my cell phone for work, and I use it while I’m nursing the baby and alone in the dark. I use it instead of my computer to schedule things to my calendar, email my parents, and respond to work issues. I use it to catch up with my mother-in-law on my 50 minute commute home from work. Our lives are SO digital…the fact that I have a smartphone implies that I’m “on call” to many people – and my decision to use my phone less doesn’t mean my job or my parents email me less.

The app certainly made me aware of WHEN I use my cell phone. It did influence me to turn off notifications for Facebook – so I don’t know who has liked, commented, or messaged until I purposefully open the app.

So maybe, upon reflection, the resolution did just what it was supposed to do: it brought awareness, slight reform, significant betterment.

How are your resolutions going now that we are quite a few months into 2015?

1 thought on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. I typically don’t make New Year’s resolutions. Every day is an opportunity to start over or set goals. No need to wait until the beginning of a new year.
    I can definitely spend less time using my phone.

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