Do Something

By: Shannon Shull

Well, this amazing society of women I belong to has managed to do it again! The Batesburg-Leesville Women’s Society in South Carolina hosted a lovely event that not only helped raise funds for two amazing organizations, The Epworth Children’s Home and Sistercare, they also inspired and empowered women with a great message. Under Mrs. Lois Black’s direction, they hosted a lovely PJs and Pearls event. Ladies of all ages – daughters, granddaughters, grandmothers, mothers, aunts, dear friends and colleagues, you name it – enjoyed incredible food, fellowship and entertainment, all the while raising money and awareness for two important causes and enjoying the comfort of getting to wear their pjs!

Batesburg-Leesville Women’s Society

I had the honor and privilege of performing at the event, singing a slower version of Sia’s song, “Chandelier,” accompanied by my amazing mother, Robin Vaughan Parler on keyboard, my fabulous colleague, Amy Reynolds, on violin, one of her lovely orchestra students, Riley Pratt, on cello and one of my brilliant honors drama students, McKenna Pratt, dancing. It was a touching piece that shed light on physical and emotional abuse. I also had the honor of presenting a very inspirational video that was edited by my awesome sister, Chelsea Vaughan Parler.

Batesburg-Leesville Women’s Society

All of our hard work paid off and I can only hope that the audience received our message of inspiration and empowerment! I often ask myself why I tend to overwhelm myself with work and activities that keep me so busy, but it’s events like these that remind me of the importance of getting involved, doing something, and sharing my talents.

Batesburg-Leesville Women’s Society

I’ve chosen to share the inspirational video with you Every Woman Blog readers because I know you all will hear the message, be inspired and hopefully get out there and do something! 🙂

Please do watch the video, you won’t regret it!

1 thought on “Do Something

  1. Shannon,
    This is lovely!! Thanks for sharing this great event with everyone who reads your blog! Thanks again for the beautiful entertainment! Janet

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