One Beautiful Thought

By: Shannon Shull

Well, Dove has done it again. They’ve created a movement to inspire women to think positively about themselves. This particular movement was created by Dove France with the goal of getting us women to have a positive body image.

They actually got women off the streets to record their most personal thoughts about themselves, about their body. Keeping in tune with today’s times, the overall tone of these ladies’ thoughts were unfortunately very negative. In fact, it was a bit heartbreaking to hear what these women thought of themselves. To bring this issue to light, Dove France had actresses act out a scene using the very thoughts these women wrote about themselves. The thoughts these women shared about their bodies were the lines used in a conversation between the actresses. The ladies who wrote about themselves in the journals then overheard these actresses speak to one another using their very thoughts about their bodies. Whew…

Watch the video and you’ll see the results. The ladies who had written such negative things about themselves realized that it was flat-out horrifying how harsh they were to themselves and realized how unjustified it was because they are all so beautiful in so many different ways. Dove has opened our eyes yet again, this time with the message, “If it’s not acceptable to say to someone else, why say it to ourselves?”

ShannonMy response? This is a brilliant reminder to think better of myself. When we struggle to think of the last time we ever had a positive thought about ourselves, we need to make an effort to change that. It’s not easy, but we should make an effort to think positive thoughts about ourselves on a daily basis. And as far as I’m concerned, not just positive thoughts about our body image, but about ourselves as a whole – our intelligence, our personality, our heart. I personally believe that to think positively of our own bodies, to force ourselves to recognize our outer beauty, allows our inner beauty to burst forth ever stronger.

One beautiful thought. Now. Do it. I challenge you to think one beautiful thought about yourself right now and attempt to do this on a daily basis. Open your eyes to the beauty that is YOU.

3 thoughts on “One Beautiful Thought

  1. To be honest I am one of those that have struggled with being positive about my self image in the past. As I have gotten older I have tended toward being more kind and less critical of myself. You have reminded me again Shannon that being good to ourselves is really the only way to live an joyful life and this is indeed what we all deserve 🙂

  2. Celebrate the goodness in yourself and others and it will create beautiful thoughts! Good reminder about self and others!

  3. This literally made me cry! I discussed this with both of my daughters and explained the subtitles so they could understand the video. Dove deserves great kudos for continuing to demonstrate that all women are made different and yet all are beautiful. That’s what makes this world so amazing and should be appreciated, most especially by us, ourselves.

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