My Forever Valentine

By: Katie Austin

It’s that time of year when heart-shaped candy boxes and red is in abundance. It seems everywhere you turn there is something to be purchased to show your loved ones you care.

Is it just me or does this year seem to be flying by? It seems like yesterday I was celebrating the holidays with family and friends.

By the time February rolls around, I am looking forward to warmer days. We do see those periodically in the south but I want to see them stay longer. I think because of that, Valentine’s Day sneaks up on me. I am already looking forward to spring and then summer.

So, now that Valentine’s Day is here, what do I write about?

Two years ago, I wrote about the meaning of Valentine’s Day and how this annual tradition began. As I sat at my desk pondering ideas for this blog post, I thought above love, family, friendship, and how very blessed I am in all of these categories. Then it hit me: an opportunity to turn this article into something special for someone special.

There are so many wonderful people in my life and I could easily write about how each one of them has impacted my life. But there is one person who has truly stood by me and picked me up when I was down. For better or worse he has been there every step of the way.

My valentine

My husband, Mike, has been with me through the many highs and lows in my life. He was by my side as I battled cancer and all of the side effects that come along with it. He told me I was beautiful when all I could see was a bald, frail woman fighting cancer. He has been right by my side through this journey and the many other times that I have tripped and fallen down. And not just figuratively – I took a spill at the Avon Walk and he helped dust me off and asked if I was ok!

I love that he is honest when I ask for feedback. Yes ladies, he does repond honestly if I ask whether or not an outfit looks good on me. LOL.

I love that we find the craziest things in a commercial or in real life to make us laugh. I laugh the hardest when I am with him.

I love that he is an amazing cook. He can cook just about anything (and without using a recipe)!

I love that he cares as much as he does for Brandon, myself, and our family and friends. There isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for any one of us.

I love that he is smart. Really, this is an understatement.

I love him more with each passing day. He is more than my husband. He is my best friend, confidant, the person I look forward to waking up next to every day. I love spending time with him! He is my soul mate and I am incredibly blessed to be his wife.

Wishing my husband and my Every Woman Blog family a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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