Christmas Books

By: Leah Prescott 

Christmas books are one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. I have a large collection of vintage classics and newer favorites that I’ve read to my children again and again. Some, like “Frosty the Snowman,” are books my parents read to me years ago and the words are as familiar as the ornaments passed down from generation to generation. Others are funny and silly and make my toddler smile, like “Snowmen at Night.”

Christmas books

There is one particular book that will always hold special meaning to our family. Though not a book I would normally have chosen for our collection, it has become very dear to me over the last few years. This book is called “Silent Night.” It’s a huge board book with glossy thick pages, and a bright yellow star button that plays music and lights up the entire page as the words tell the story of Jesus’ birth. And it just so happens that we have two identical copies of the exact same book.

Christmas books

One day when my twins were a little over one, we were doing some holiday shopping at Sam’s Club. I was trying to find gifts for family members as well as groceries for the next few busy weeks, all while wrangling twin toddlers at the height of flu season. To say I was stressed is a huge understatement. While I tried to shop, I gave the girls each a book from the toy section to occupy their attention. A woman approached me and started talking to me about the girls. I don’t remember much about our conversation but I remember her kindness. A few minutes later she found me at the front of the store and pressed $25 into my hand. She wanted to buy those two books for my girls.

Christmas books

I was amazed and touched. Seven years later I am still amazed and touched. I don’t remember that stranger’s face or know her name but I will never forget her sweet, unexpected gift. For me, that gesture meant so much more than two identical books for my children. It meant much more than the amount on the receipt. It meant that someone saw me, where I was that day. She saw me and cared about me enough to stop and chat. On a day when I was tired and discouraged and overwhelmed to the point of tears, that woman showed me the love of Jesus right in the checkout line of Sam’s Club. And I will always remember it.

Last night I read Silent Night yet again, this time to my little son. I told all three children the story of a stranger giving us a gift that meant so much to me. I’m reminded that we can show God’s love in unexpected ways, and it can make a lasting impact, even on a stranger. I’m reminded that even small acts of kindness can point people to the greater Gift of the Season.

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