By: Shannon Shull

Miss Chloe BarlowI have the honor and pleasure of teaching an incredible amount of talented students at Chapin Middle School – 166 students to be exact. Their unique talents impress me on a daily basis.

Most recently, Chloe Barlow, one of my 8th grade honors drama students, shared a poem with me. I was so touched by the depth of her writing. Her words ring so true and are so thought provoking. I asked her (and her parents) if I could share her poem in my blog and fortunately she was happy to let me. So please enjoy her words and let them sink in. I’m sure Chloe’s brilliance will take her to great places in her lifetime and I thank her for sharing it. 😉


Mistakes by Chloe Barlow

Mistakes are a symptom of life.

They are unavoidable;

no matter how hard you try, we all go through them

And learn from them.

Yet somewhere in the quest to become perfect,

we disown those mistakes,

those very mistakes that make us who we are.

We place the blame where it is unwarranted,

trying to take the shame off of ourselves.

But somehow fault always finds its way home.

Home to our restless souls,

ever blackened by our troubled thoughts.

For it is those thoughts that make us human.

They themselves are the mistakes we live by,

even thrive on.

Those thoughts are the essential factor in determining who we are,

Those thoughts are the boundaries as to what we can become.

Disowning our mistaken thoughts is like disowning ourselves.

Without them, we would be nothing more than an irrelevant waste of space.

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