By: Katie Austin

Today is the day. They knew when they woke up that morning that life would be forever changed. It’s like Christmas morning, except you know the gift you are about to unwrap and the responsibilities that come with it. All of the planning and preparation comes down to this one moment.

I wonder what they were thinking when they traveled to their appointment, knowing that their family would grow by one when they left? Happiness. Joy. I could only imagine the excitement was building as they left their house, everything coming together for the next chapter in their life.

How do you pick when there are so many to choose from?

There are so many things to consider. You want to look them over and find one that isn’t too playful yet not to bashful. One that you instantly connect with, that captures your heart when you look into their eyes. That special connection that happens in an instant. You know then that you can’t wait to take them home to become part of your family.

Katie's parentsI wonder if that is how they felt? How I would feel adopting a new member into my family?

You see, this isn’t a pet we are talking about. It was me that my parents brought home that day.

I was adopted before celebrating my first birthday. My biological parents were in college at the time and I would venture to say that I wasn’t part of their degree planning. I was born January 28, 1968 and put up for adoption. I could only imagine how hard it was for her. To birth me and then let me go. I am so thankful that she decided to have me, to give me the opportunity at life. What a gift I was left with. To let me go not knowing how my life would turn out or who would raise me.

My adopted parents were trying to have a child of their own but it wasn’t working out. What they didn’t realize at the time was that God had plans for them to have a son later. My parents went through the the adoption process and in the end, it was me that they took home. I know the process works differently than adopting a pet, as you get to look the group of them over to pick out the one you want to take home. I often kid with my parents that they should have taken more time to pick out the less active one as it might have been easier raising me, especially during my teenage years 😃

But, I truly feel that they didn’t pick me out but that God picked them out for me. I am so incredibly blessed with the parents and brother that I have! They have always been there for me even when I didn’t know it or was too busy in life to appreciate it. My teen years are an example of that but in college, I had an epiphany. I realized that no matter what happened, my parents were there to listen, give advice and to extend a hand to help me get back up. They had always been there and would continue to be there.

During my cancer fight in 2010, my parents were with me at every doctor visit, scan, chemo/radiation treatment, surgeries, and everything in between. We were called the ‘A Team’ because between my parents, husband and myself, we were prepared to fight my cancer head on. Through the highs and lows, my parents were there. No matter what I was faced with, they were standing there with me. When I was at my lowest, it was my mom who told me “Kate, it’s a walk in faith. You just have to keep believing and take this one step at a time.” That was the turning point for me. I knew then that I had to keep fighting. They never stopped believing that I would one day be in remission. They kept me laughing, gave me a shoulder to cry on, and were with me every step of the way. They stopped everything they were doing in their own lives to help save mine.

I am often asked when people find out that I am adopted if I would like to find my parents. I smile and tell them “Why would I need to look for them when they are already here.” I have been blessed with the most amazing, wonderful, caring, loving parents and I thank God every day for bringing me into their lives. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. This world is a better place because they are in it. I love you, Mom and Dad. Thank you for picking me. 💖

Wishing each of you a wonderful Christmas and a blessed new year!


3 thoughts on “Handpicked

  1. I love this post, Katie! God’s plan is always better than anything we could have imagined. Thanks for sharing this, adoption stories are some of my very favorites! I enjoyed meeting you last month.

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