Come On, Take Action and Help SAVE THE FORT!

By: Shannon Shull

american flagAs a supporter of our great country’s military, I urge you to please read on and help make a difference for our great state! As a professional who used to work for the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce, I support their mission to SAVE THE FORT. I want to make every effort to help them spread the word about the importance of keeping Fort Jackson thriving in our community.

My dear Aunt Susan is at the helm of this great effort and she has been working endless hours to drum up support. I’m so proud of all the work she is doing! And I’m proud of the Chamber for taking a stand to support the Fort. If our community lost Fort Jackson, we would suffer an enormous blow in so many different ways. Please take a moment to educate yourself on the situation, go to the website and take part in supporting our mission!

Columbia Chamber Leads Petition Drive In Support of Fort Jackson

COLUMBIA, S.C. – The Columbia Chamber has announced a ‘Save Our Fort’ petition drive in an effort to protect our local military installation. The chamber will collect petition signatures, letters and cards in support of Fort Jackson through August 20, 2014. The online petition can be found here.


“Protect the Mission. Grow the Fort. Promote the Partnership is the message we want to send to the U. S. Army,” remarked General George Goldsmith, chairman of the Columbia Chamber Military Affairs Committee. “It is critical for us to show them just how much a military friendly community cares about our Fort, our soldiers and the tremendous economic impact we derive as a result of our long-standing partnership.”


As part of the U. S. Army SPEA (Supplemental Programmatic Environmental Assessment), General Becker has been asked to prepare for a worst case scenario of a potential headcount reduction of 3,100 civilians and soldiers.  A loss which could mean a change to the Fort’s mission.  A response to the U.S. Army’s SPEA is due by August 25th and will include detailed information on Fort Jackson’s economic and social impact on the greater Midlands community. 


The Columbia Chamber is working with numerous partners throughout the region to generate a groundswell of support for Fort Jackson.


Local support is requested to demonstrate our military friendliness by signing the online petition, writing letters, or sending emails of support. The deadline to be included in community response is August 20, 2014


Sign the petition here

Email letters of support to


All handwritten petitions should be mailed/delivered to:

Columbia Chamber
Att: Susan McPherson
930 Richland Street
Columbia, SC 29202

We need your help with our SAVE THE FORT effort! We want to send in as many (10,000 or more) signed letters, cards, petitions, emails, etc. on why Fort Jackson is important to the Greater Midlands community and why we want to “PROTECT THE MISSION, GROW THE FORT, PROMOTE THE PARTNERSHIP.” We all win with Fort Jackson and our military community.

Please let me know if you have questions or would like additional information.  The impact of our military is critical and assistance in generating support for this effort is crucial to our response.

We can help make a difference!

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