Wearing Your Baby

By: Brady Evans 

If my husband and I had to give one piece of advice to new parents, I think we’d unanimously say “learn how to wear your baby.”

Baby carrying

We have been wearing Benjamin since we brought him home from the hospital and have found that babywearing has so many benefits. I think the first and most important benefit is that being close to your heartbeat, your breath, and your skin calms a new baby like no other thing. Your gentle motion is exactly what he is used to from his life in the womb and replicating those feelings outside the womb will make for a calm and “easy” newborn.  Baby wearing is especially wonderful because it allows mom to get back independence and full mobility of her arms!

There are a wide variety of carriers out there that you can choose to wear your baby with. If you are like me, though, you’ll find that different carriers serve different purposes! These pictures demonstrate the types of carriers we use in our household. Ring slings:


Soft structured carriers:

Baby carryingWoven wraps:

Baby carryingYou can see that even at Ben’s young age of 11 weeks, he can be worn safely on my back using a simple woven tablecloth.

Baby carrying

I easily grocery shop and run errands without lugging a stroller, have gotten back into the swing of things caring for the horses here on the farm, and am back in the kitchen easily all with the help of my various carriers.

The Midlands has a fantastic resource in the group Baby Wearers of the Midlands.  The woman here are incredibly knowledgeable about matching your needs to the right carrier and helping you hone your skills as you explore wearing your baby.  If you are interested in baby wearing I suggest you find this group of Facebook and jump in!

3 thoughts on “Wearing Your Baby

  1. Getting a sling for my 6wo changed my life! He really loved being snuggled up next to me and as you say it was good to be hands free with it! If there is a next time, we will definitely be using it from birth 🙂

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