The Fit Bucket List

By: Lydia Scott

1 year weightloss progress

May 22 marked one full year since my lifestyle reboot that we chatted about in my previous blog post. In the last year, I’ve dropped my second 70 lbs. and am now on my way to losing the third and final 70 lbs. I have been cleared of all cardiac issues by my cardiologist; and have conquered a plethora of physical accomplishments I truly thought I’d never be able to do.

Like what? Like:

  • Not have to physically pull myself up the steps and then stop to rub my aching, burning knees.
  • Get on and off a gym-quality elliptical all by myself.
  • Use every single one of the programs on that there gym-elliptical. Yes…the programs. Those crazy ones that make you cuss while swearing you hate the darn thing! I’ve conquered every one of them. This is a HUGE deal for me personally.
  • Do real squats, without falling on my butt and without crippling my almost-cartilage-free knees!
  • Dead lift. *giggle*
  • Become the person who shows other people how to work out. Yeah…me. And no one has broken anything yet!
  • Work all day, come home and cook dinner, then go out to the garden, then work out, and not be a zombie afterwards!
  • Tie my shoes without having to stop to pant in the middle of the tying process.
  • Change out the 40 lb. water bottle at work, by myself, and also without dying or crying.
  • Unload bags of dirt from my car, by myself, as my sweet and proud husband steps to the side because I definitely did not push him aside while I proclaim “No, I can do it!” Definitely not…
  • Double-check the kitty litter I just picked up to make sure it is, indeed, the 20 lb. container, because it felt way too light to be the 20 lb. container. I’ve also done this with carry-out pizza from Schiano’s, because I swore the pizza used to be heavier and maybe they didn’t put the right one in the box. They did get it right. Every time.
  • Get on the floor, and not be panicked trying to figure out how I’ll get back up.
  • Actually do yard work for more than 30 minutes at a time.
  • Agree to go to Crossfit with my friend Leah, although it has been temporarily postponed due to reasons beyond our control. (Let’s just say one of us was injured saving a clowder of orphaned kittens from a herd of stampeding elephants. Yeah. That was it.) But still…I AGREED TO GO TO CROSSFIT. While sober.

I’m 42 years old. I am at my lowest weight since the age of 20.5 years old. I’m eyeing my size 14 white 8th grade graduation dress that is hanging in my closet with full intention of being able to button it in the next couple of months. Granted, I am definitely not going to be caught dead wearing it in public. I mean, it’s a 12 year old girl’s graduation dress from 1985! Um, yeah…not the fashion statement I wanna make. But I will probably take a picture of me wearing it. Get your blackmail files ready.

Riverbanks Zoo Zip Line from The State

So, that’s where I am right now. Where do I plan to be in the near future? What are the next fit bucket list goals?

  • Horseback riding. Technically, I could do it now, but I want to wait until I get to 200 lbs. It’s just nicer for everyone.
  • Zip lining. But it can’t be over crazy wide open, high spaces. ‘Cause I would totally freak out for reasons that have nothing to do with my weight! I’ll take a low zip line through some woods.
  • Hiking in the mountains. Not rock-climbing super hero kind of hiking, but just the general “hike through the woods and not pass out” kind. I need plantar fasciitis-friendly boots. Have any suggestions?
  • Tubing down the river. Just waiting to buy a swimsuit that fits!
  • Actually doing Crossfit, successfully. At least once, LOL!
  • Being able to get onto the floor and back up again without having to get on my knees.
  • Being able to plank. I’m close, but not quite there yet. Well, unless you put a big, squishy pillow under my belly. Then, I can totally plank like a superstar! For hours, even! Ha!
  • _______________________________________________________________

You see the last one is a blank space. Why? Because I’m sure you guys out there in Every Woman land have some awesome ideas for challenging activities that this so-far-lifetime-member of the physically unfit club has no clue even exist. Toss me your best ideas! But, ummmm…can we try not to go too high in the air, dangling over open expanses while I imagine the horrible plummet to the ground which is sure to be at least 50 kajillion miles below?

Not that I’m afraid of wide open spaces above the ground or anything. Nope. Not at all. Not. At. All.

By the way, I keep track of all my activity and food and stuff on, so if you want to join the journey and the fun, look me up at “Ldscott716.” We can do this together!!

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