Our Baby Boy, Benjamin

By: Brady Evans 

Wow – what an outpouring of support we felt after telling the story of our stay at Lexington Medical Center following the birth of our baby boy, Benjamin.  Thank you.  I just wanted to update you all on our little boy’s health.


Eight days after he was born we took him home.  Once he started improving, Benjamin’s progress was remarkable each day.  When he was three days old, we were able to hold him for the first time.  It was quite an event – orchestrating his exit from the isolette.  Wires and tubes and sensors had to be adjusted, removed, replaced, and repositioned.  Once he was placed in our arms we didn’t dare move as not to disrupt our baby or the machines assisting him.  I never imagined it would be days between giving birth to my child and being able to hold him.  Waiting three days for that was one of the most painful experiences I’ve felt.

When he was four days old he began feeding from a tube placed into his stomach through his mouth.  And when he was six days old I was able to nurse him for the first time.

BenjaminWhen he was seven days old I was told he’d be able to go home with me the very next day.  Being discharged and leaving Benjamin in the hospital when he was just two days old made for one of the loneliest feelings ever.  The feeling of happiness I felt upon packing his belongings and strapping him in the car seat was nearly as great as the joy I felt immediately after his birth.

This entire experience has taught us an immense lesson.  There are times in life where the best laid plans become moot.  There are times when you are completely and utterly at the mercy of someone else and you must be okay with it.  There are times where what you want so badly is incompatible with what is best for you and your family.

Of course, children spend their lifetimes teaching their parents lessons and this experience was just the very beginning of our little teacher’s lesson plans.  We look forward to our journey with our special boy.

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