Favorite Finds!

By: Sydney Yarbrough

I’m so excited that we’re finally into warmer weather! Spring and summer are my favorite time of year, and I love finding new clothing and being able to eat outside on a patio. Here are a few recent things I have found while being out and about!

  1. These strappy nude wedges from fab’rik in Trenholm Plaza. Fab’rik is a brand new store with lots of great clothes and accessories at great price points. I highly recommend it!Fab'rik shoes
  2. Saluda Shoals Park, located off of I-26 & Bush River Road. I had never been here before last week, but it is beautiful! Lots of places to walk, bikes to rent, and it’s right on the water. You can find exercise and serenity all in one place! Saluda Shoals Park
  3. These awesome koozies that I found at Goodwill for $0.75! Can you tell I’m ready to be at the beach? I highly recommend going thrift store shopping for summer clothes. Goodwill also had bathing suits that Target had donated as overstock (with the store tags still on) for around $2-$3 per piece!Goodwill shopping
  4. Gin’s Juice! I came across Gin while she was downtown at First Citizen’s Café. Such a sweet girl! You can also find her at Soda City on Saturday mornings. Her drinks run about $5 or you can buy a growler for $15 and have it refilled for $12. Super healthy and refreshing on those “famously hot” days!Gin's Juice
  5. This brunch at Café Caturra. The picture says enough, but I HAVE to point out that breakfast pizza! Perfect Saturday morning in Forest Acres. Cafe Caturra Brunch

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