Conversations with Monte…

By: Shannon Shull


So if you read my Intro to Monte entry, then you’ve been introduced to this fabulous cocker pup that has blessed my life. Hopefully you were able to view the pictures and the one video included in that intro entry to our Monte man. I thought I’d give ya a little bit more of a taste of this unique dog that is our precious Monte.

Mina & Monte

Monte is one of those pets that wants to be right where you are. If you are close to the floor, then he naturally has to be in your lap. He’ll climb right up – or pounce right on top of you, I should say – and then look at you, like “What?! What’s the problem?” He’s a true love bug that just wants to be close.

We still have daily conversations. He’s grown to expect them now. It’s as if he’s waiting for us to have our howl session… to catch up on each other’s day and let each other know we love each other. He’s truly precious. Certainly makes for some fun moments!

Boy &his dog

Here’s another video sample of just one of the MANY conversations we’ve had with our special Monte man. He and my boy Sawyer have quite the chat.

Big smiles to all you fabulous Every Woman Blog readers. Please do share any precious pet stories you may have! We love to hear them!



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