Very Good Care

By: Brady Evans

I’m staring at this sign that is situated directly in front of my hospital bed.

Very Good CareI’m hung up on it, though.  It says “We want to provide you VERY GOOD care.”  The care here?  It is not very good.  It is unimaginably excellent.  I know this totally seems like I’m singing the praises of Lexington Medical Center because I’m affiliated with the Every Woman Blog, but I’m not.  We have been impressed by the exceptional care, concern, and love pouring out of every single staff member in this hospital for days.  Regardless of my affiliation with the blog, I’d be shouting from the rooftops: Have your baby at Lex Med.

Baby boy

My baby boy came into the world early and unexpectedly at 37 weeks gestational age.  The delivery was fast and easy.  The nurses and midwife were sweet, strong, and competent.  They made us feel like we were the only patients in the hospital.  As you can see, however, my baby is sick.  He’s going to be fine, but for now he’s being given extra love and attention in a special nursery.

My husband and I wander the halls, feeling lost in the sense that we’re supposed to be holding and caring for our newborn but we can do neither.  On our long walks from our post-partum room to the special care nursery, we run into tons of staff.  They stop what they’re doing to ask us about our baby, nearly immediately know our name and our baby’s story, and gladly answer any and all questions we have.

Baby boy

We keep saying to ourselves, “They don’t have to be this nice.  They could get away with less.” But they don’t try to get away with it.  They are amazing.  My husband and I are simultaneously elated to have our baby boy and devastated that we don’t actually have him, but Lexington Medical Center has made it a much easier burden to bear.

9 thoughts on “Very Good Care

  1. Brady – Congratulations on the arrival (albeit early and, obviously, stress filled) of your little man. Will be thinking of you all and saying prayers that he will be well. Also prayers for you and your husband as you deal with all of these emotions on top of becoming Mom and Dad. Please let your EveryWoman Blog family know if we can do anything at all – I am not far away from you!

    • Thank you! He is home now and has been for 2 days. He is a perfect baby! (I wrote this from my hospital bed last Sunday). I’ll have to write a follow up post.

  2. Every one of us in the Special Care Nursery adore our jobs. Especially when we have parents as wonderful as you and your husband. It was an honor to take care of your fella. We see stressed and worried parents daily and the two of you showed true grace under pressure. It’s difficult to watch your baby struggle and people poking and prodding and telling you when and how you can even touch your own baby. I can’t tell you how it feels to see those same stressed parents, in a few days time, become confident and joyful when each little milestone is met on the “going home” check off list. To say it is rewarding is an understatement. Thank you for your kind words about Lexington Medical Center and our little Special Care Nursery!

  3. Glad you had a great experience. Wish they had the same level of commitment to cancer patients though. I have a family member that has not felt the love from many nurses here.

    • I am sorry to hear that Kevin. I encourage you to use the ACTION LINE to voice concerns at the hospital. I had a hospital volunteer visit me while I was still in the hospital about this feedback telephone number.

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