You Are What You Drink

By: Katie Austin

While the saying goes, “You are what you eat,” the same goes for what you drink! I struggle every day to get in the recommended glasses of water. I give myself credit for drinking some water but I know the level is nowhere near what it should be. I love my coffee and it won’t be long before someone catches on to my reasoning that coffee has water, so it counts toward my daily total. 🙂


So, how much water do we need to be drinking each day? The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies made general fluid intake recommendations of 91 ounces for women and 125 ounces for men, which is higher than the 64 ounce (8 cup) rule most of us have heard. However, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to water consumption.

But remember – we get the water we need from a variety of sources, including food and other liquids, too.

So, why talk about hydration now? It isn’t hot yet, so why worry about it? Hydration, along with eating right, is the key to good health.  As we make changes to our diet and our Katieoutdoor activities increase, it is important to stay hydrated. Here’s an article from WebMD with tips to stay hydrated during exercise:

Do you have hydration tips that work for you? Suggestions? Share them here and we will learn from each other.

Katie Austin


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