Maintaining Mentality

By: Sydney Yarbrough

Sydney YarbroughIf the recent ice storm has you feeling like going into hibernation, it’s time to snap out of it. My brain has definitely been in a Winter fog these past few weeks and I am on a quest to rediscover my motivation before the warmer weather gets here. I’ve compiled a list of tips to stay creative and motivated, and today I’m sharing that list with all of you!

  1. Find time for yourself. Take just a few minutes per day to have quiet time. Set a timer if you have to so you don’t get sidetracked and off task. Read a book. Take a bath. Sit on the couch and close your eyes to help clear your mind. This is important because often times we get so caught up with our day-to-day responsibilities that we forget to breathe. This results in what I would like to call, “burnout.” And it’s not good.
  2. Stay active. It’s so tempting to come home from work and do nothing but sit on the couch. Try to get into a routine of doing some sort of activity. There are tons of fitness videos online to watch! My favorites are Barre (a mix of ballet and Pilates) and Yoga.
  3. Write things down. It’s very helpful to me to compile a list of things that I need/want to get accomplished in a day – just so I can see it. Investing in a planner is a good idea. I have the Day Designer by Whitney English that I ordered from Etsy, but even just keeping a notepad with you can be helpful.
  4. Socialize. Work and home responsibilities can often cause you to feel like you’re too busy to make plans with your spouse or your friends. Make sure you schedule some time during the week to be around other people and maintain social interaction. It’s important to maintain relationships with others and not let your professional life keep you from enjoying a social life.

Remember that it’s okay, and even important, to worry about yourself. Like time management, taking care of yourself requires focus and discipline. As we head into a warmer season, I hope this list will help with maintaining motivation and creativity! 

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