Getting Fruity

By: Shannon Shull

Whenever I need to sign up to prepare food for an event, I’m never the one to offer to bring fruit. I typically stick with chips and dip, sweets or crackers and cheese. I don’t have an abundance of fruit growing in my yard and fruit is flat out expensive – especially if you need to provide fruit for over 150 people. Recently the Women’s Society I’m a member of was in the planning stages of a major wine event – a big, lovely affair that we have every year. I wasn’t at the particular meeting in which everyone signed up for which foods to bring, so guess who was put in charge of the fruit table? Yep, me!

So, I was left with the dreaded fruit table that no one else wanted to claim. But that’s ok; I took on the challenge! I figured I might as well take advantage of this opportunity to have a little fun getting creative with some fruit. I immediately started scouring the Internet for cool ideas for fruit displays. The more I saw online, the more excited I became about the idea of doing something really creative for displaying the fruit at our wine event.

The first step was to find the cheapest prices on fruit! Fortunately I found some incredible prices at Aldi. I’d never been to this store before, but the visit proved fruitful. 😉 hehehhe….

I was ultimately able to pull off a lovely table display. Of course, originally I had big ideas of a grand display – turning pineapples into swans and carving elaborate designs into watermelons. Needless to say, those grand visions did not pan out at the last minute. However, I can say that my final table display of fruit ended up looking pretty darn good and was a hit at the event.

Fruit table and me

Fruit table

One of the ideas I wanted to make sure to share with you readers is to use ice cream cones to hold fruit. The night before the event, I dipped plain and colored ice cream cones into melted dark chocolate. I drizzled all the cones with chocolate and put them in the refrigerator overnight. Once I arrived at the event, I filled the base of the cones with either watermelon or cantaloupe and then topped them all off with beautiful colored blueberries and blackberries. Each cone provided several bites of the perfect combination of sweet fruit, crispy cone and delicious dark chocolate.

Fruit table close up

Fruit table close up 2

Fruit table close up 3

So if you ever have to do a fruit display for an event, challenge yourself to have fun with it and get creative. Just make sure you actually get to partake of your yummy creations…naturally, I did not get one single lovely fruit cone! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Getting Fruity

  1. This was great, Shannon! Your table looked gorgeous! Aldi’s is wonderful for fresh produce, and man I love the tip about the ice cream cones!!!!

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