Spring Fever

By: Shannon Shull

Ok, I don’t know about any of you, but I’ve got Spring Fever something fierce! In fact, I think I may have Summer Fever. And I’ve got it bad. I am so ready for warmer weather, blooming flowers, and green grass. I have to say, I feel incredibly guilty admitting it, considering we really didn’t have that bad of a winter. Folks across the U.S. have been brutalized with terrible cold weather, snow, and ice. And here in the ole South we’ve only had two days in which the cold temperatures forced a two-hour school delay – which was lovely, by the way. Those extra two hours made all the difference in the world. Getting up at 7:00am, as opposed to 5:30am, made a very long day of teaching 150 middle school students way easier to deal with!

Ready to leap into Spring...

Ready to leap into Spring…

Ah, so maybe that’s it… Spring Fever is setting in hardcore because I’m ready for that summer break! Surviving my first year of teaching has been a whopper to say the least. Between settling into the new schedule, new procedures, new everything… the enormous workload of teaching, getting my teacher certification through the PACE program and new teacher induction, I guess it’s no wonder I’m ready for a new start in Spring and that upcoming summer break.

I read an article online in the Los Angeles Times that had some pretty interesting things to say about Spring Fever from a scientific point of view. Check it out…

“Some scientists think spring fever is more than just a colloquialism — they think it’s a constellation of symptoms brought about by hormonal changes in the body.  In winter, the body secretes high levels of melatonin, a hormone that governs sleep-wake cycles. Come spring, the increasing amount of daylight is registered by light-sensitive tissue in the eye, which signals the brain to stop secreting so much melatonin. As the hormone’s levels drop off, greater wakefulness results.


On the other hand, levels of another chemical, serotonin, rise in spring. This mood-elevating neurotransmitter may be at the root of the giddiness, energy boost and enthusiasm that characterize spring fever.”

A bit fascinating, heh? Well, regardless of the mystery of spring fever, I have no shame admitting that I indeed have the fever. I cannot wait to see lush, green grass and blooming flowers and to feel the warmth in the air. I cannot wait to hear my kids splashing in the water as I lay poolside, soaking up the sun’s rays, watching them swim. I can’t wait to get out on Lake Murray with my Mama at the helm of her boat, waving to all the other folks enjoying time on the lake. And yes, goodness gracious, I cannot wait for a much needed refreshing summer break to recover and renew myself after a grueling, but glorious first year teaching full time.

So the countdown IS ON. I’m ready for ya, springtime. I am embracing the fever. How about you? 🙂

6 thoughts on “Spring Fever

  1. As a person living in south Florida or ‘SOFLO’ I have to say I don’t get to have fall and winter. Spring Fever does not get to happen to us, so you are blessed to have it and the chance of snow too!

  2. Great article,Shannon and of course, I love the picture of you high stepping it ! I did take the boat out today, it was wonderful! Then, put the cover on it, in prep for the “blizzard” ! I like your insert about serotonin and melatonin!

  3. Thanks everyone! And isn’t it too funny that this blog entry of mine gets posted as we are getting snow in SC! Craziness! 😉

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