How a Deck of Cards, Dice & Dominoes Can Help Keep Your Eating in Check

By: Mary Pat Baldauf

On first glance, a deck of cards, dice and dominoes may seem more suitable in a casino than your pantry. Now thanks to a recent feature on, you can use Dicethese and other everyday items to picture proper portion sizes.

You may be eating better, but if you’re not controlling your portions, you could be sabotaging your weight-loss and healthy eating efforts. But because no one wants to use measuring cups and scales for every little thing, the real trick to portion control is learning to eyeball portion sizes of common foods.

To summarize Everyday Health’s handy guide, here’s how you can use everyday items to help picture proper portion sizes:

Food Portion Size Everyday Item
Meat Three ounces Deck of cards
Rice Half-cup Cupcake wrapper
Pasta Half-cup Rounded handful
Fruit Half-cup Light bulb or baseball
Vegetables Half-cup Tennis ball
Baked potato Small Women’s fist
Cheese Half-Cup Four dice or two dominoes
Red wine Four ounces Tea cup
Dark chocolate One ounce Pack of dental floss

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