A “Genesis” Of A Vision…

By: Shannon Shull

Genesis StudiosWhat if I told you that the Midlands of South Carolina is home to a truly amazing gem, an amazing that would impress just about anybody. Are you intrigued? Well, you should be! This fabulous place is called Genesis Studios. It is South Carolina’s largest, full-service, private studio facility. We’re talking about a complete production studio: HD & SD video/film production, live-switch multi-camera production, production management, post-production/editing, audio production, 3D animation and motion graphics, Interactive Media/DVD Authoring and more.

I personally didn’t believe it until I saw and toured the facility myself. And I’m not kidding…this place is fantastic! I lived and worked in the entertainment business in Los Angeles for over ten years, so I have been in my share of studios and supposed full- production houses. Genesis Studios is by far the nicest, most impressive studio I’ve ever had the pleasure of working in. This place is like the Google headquarters of production studios – they have such a creative & fun environment for their team.

And that’s just the facility I’m talking about. The people are a whole other story. These folks not only rock, but they know the biz; they “get it.” There a no wanna-be actors/directors, etc at this place. These folks are the real deal.

Forest & Wildlife Commercial Shoot at Genesis Studios

Now why I am sharing this information with my amazing Every Woman Blog readers? Because this place is just too freakin’ cool! I mean seriously, how many of you knew that we had a studio right here in Columbia equipped to do commercial, television and full-scale films? Some folks know that there are production studios in Charleston, but most probably don’t know that this gem of a place is right down the road. As far as I’m concerned, this amazing studio is a real asset to South Carolina and I really hope that it will attract many, many great projects to our state.

And I have to mention that this facility provides not only complete studio resources for television, film and radio, but also serves as a one-stop media resource. Their staff consists of expert writers, technicians, designers, editors, cinematographers, animators and more. From TV (film, video, and animation) to radio (audio production) to graphic design (print, web, interactive, outdoor), everything is produced under one roof.  The brilliant minds of the Indesign Firm, located in Genesis Studio, paired with the amazing talents of the Genesis team, bring a unique cross-section of skills, talent, and resources. In other words, they pretty much understand the strengths and weaknesses of all forms of media and know how to make them work together effectively to maximize impact and positive results.

Creative Genius behind Genesis Studios, Cliff SpringsCool tidbit – I had worked with the creator and owner of Genesis Studios, the awesome Mr. Cliff Springs, several times before I realized that one of my dearest childhood friends, Mr. Doug Adam, was the master mind owner of the Indesign Firm there at Genesis. What a lovely surprise! I instantly had no doubts that this team of creative minds could produce nothing but top notch, high quality work.

I have had the pleasure of working with these genius minds several times in the past couple of years. And every time we’ve worked on a project together, I have been so pleased with the experience. Their professionalism, knowledge and skills are outstanding.  Most recently I had the privilege of shooting a commercial with them for Forest and Wildlife. What a fun experience! You may have seen the commercial currently running on local television stations. Being a middle school drama teacher now in SC, it has definitely been interesting having my students say, “Ms. Shannon, I saw you on TV last night!!” 😉  Such fun.

Forest & Wildlife Commercial Shoot at Genesis Studios

Take a look at this quirky behind-the-scenes video for a little taste of everything it took to make this commercial possible. Oh and I promise I didn’t “hit on” the famous bat actor too much! (If you watch the video, you’ll know what I’m talking about.) 😉

Shannon Commercial Rehearsal for Forest & Wildlife

To close, I had often wondered about the name Genesis and always seemed to forget to ask Cliff about it whenever I saw him.  As I was reviewing their website, this description caught my eye…

“What is Genesis Studios? It’s a place. It’s people. It’s a resource. It’s a spark, a jungle gym, a Nerf war zone, and perhaps most importantly—a beginning, the “genesis” of a vision to develop, support, and promote high quality production in South Carolina.”

Come on… is that cool or what!?! Seriously, we are so lucky to have this facility right in our backyards!

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