15 Signs You’re a Health Junkie (And Your Friends Aren’t)

By: Mary Pat Baldauf

Recently, I came across 15 Signs You’re a Health Junkie (And Your Friends Aren’t), and I literally laughed out loud. Since adopting a new, healthier lifestyle nearly three years ago, I often feel like the “odd woman out.”

Health Junkie

Of the 15 signs, I can relate to many, including:

  1. Have Blender, Will Travel: Especially when I was first trying to add more vegetables to my diet, I did indeed travel with a blender during business trips. Ask my friend Keith about the time I nearly lost a finger in a Magic Bullet incident in Kansas City. He was staying across the hall and came to my rescue.
  2. Workout Shoes Over Heels: Not only when traveling, I have more running and training shoes than heels these days. And there’s nothing I love more than new workout shoes!
  3. Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia: I buy chia seeds every week for my wonderful overnight oats recipe! They’re also great in Greek yogurt.
  4. Rise and Shine: I’m not a runner, but I give up many a social engagement to turn in early for my 4:14 a.m. gym alarm. For me, there’s nothing better than an early morning workout and nothing worse than having to get it in after work.
  5. I DO say “No, seriously, it tastes better than it looks”: I say this most often at work and I say it about many things, especially my green smoothies, anything with tofu and soy milk.
  6. Map It Out: When traveling, I find the nearest Whole Foods or similar healthy grocer. Not only that, I also seek out healthy grocers who deliver, and often have fruits, veggies and soy milk delivered to the hotel upon my arrival.
  7. You Ordered What?: This actually happened at a staff meeting this week when I walked in with a Diet Coke.
  8. Swap This: If you knew what was in some of those restaurant foods, you’d custom order, too. For instance, did you know that the “egg white” featured in many fast food sandwiches can contain up to 15 ingredients? YUCK!
  9. Weirdo: Most of my friends and co-workers think the food I eat is weird, especially green smoothies and anything with tofu. And especially at work, they don’t hesitate to tell me.

If this were my list, I’d add at least two more:

Need Food, Will Travel: You go to at least three grocery stores a week to get your favorite healthy foods and ingredients. (Tips: Neither Trader Joe’s, nor Fresh Market carry light vanilla soy milk. Kroger has the very best frozen blueberries, and unlike Publix, their frozen cherries never have pits. Publix, though, is the only one who carries my favorite frozen corn, a delightful yellow and white corn mix.)

Go Real or Go Home: I recently had a baking emergency and needed a quick shot of vanilla extract. I almost fainted when my mother brought over her bottle of imitation vanilla extract. I used it in a pinch, but the next day I purchased two bottles of pure vanilla extract; one for me and one for Mom.

What are the sure signs that YOU’RE a health junkie?

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