Fitness Training, On a Personal Level…

By: Shannon Shull

Wanna push it to the limits, earn some sweat, feel the burn, reach some goals, survive the soreness and walk away feelin’ good and proud as heck!?

Working with a personal trainer has been quite an experience – one that has certainly proven itself to be a personal adventure involving a lot of sweat and muscle soreness! Yes, I teach Zumba, and listen to friends declare, “Why in this world would you want or need to work with a personal trainer!?” Well, I still have body issues and body goals – some that I admit may just not be attainable, but I can darn well try!

I have this vision of having mac-daddy abs – like Jillian Michaels on the cover of the 2013 July/August SHAPE magazine. Will I ever actually have those kind of abs? I’m gonna stand tall and admit that I most likely will not EVER because thus far I refuse to give up sweet tea, cream and sugar in my coffee, and all things pasta. I’m learning that there must be a healthy balance to your personal life. Life is too short to place harsh restrictions on yourself.

I make my goals a little more attainable. Since I’ve given birth to two children and I do not want to restrict my diet to a torturous level, I am aware that I will probably not be able to achieve a six-pack. But at least I can work at having a somewhat-flat-pack, right!?

Besides the part about having a strong, healthy body, I love the part when you walk away from a workout session, with such a rewarding sense of accomplishment – even if the accomplishment is that you didn’t throw up or cry! 😉 Working with a trainer has benefited me immensely. I know I will be able to walk away knowing which exercises will be safe for me to do with an exercise plan that specifically targets my goals and caters to my physical abilities.

A personal trainer acts as a teacher, guide, resource, and certainly as a motivator. They not only teach and guide through the right exercises in order to accomplish your goals, but they hold you accountable and keep you on course. I always liked having someone to go work out with because they hold you accountable to actually show up. But let’s face it, when working out with a friend, we are sometimes guilty of doing more socializing and chatting than actually doing the work out we’re supposed to be focused on. This is where a personal trainer can really come in handy – when working with them you won’t be talking each other into cutting your work out short so you can go shopping or go out for ice cream!

Also, the priceless benefit of working with a trainer is that they will make sure you’re doing the exercises correctly to keep you safe. This is certainly a huge benefit.

These trainers have had to go through intense studying and hands-on practical training to get certified. At one time in my life I considered being a personal trainer because it’s another great profession in which you can help people. When I looked into it I discovered that the time and training you have to dedicate to becoming a personal trainer is no easy task. It’s not a case of going to a day-long workshop and leaving with a certificate in your hand. Classes, a lot of studying, and intense testing on multiple levels are all required – very impressive. I guess you could say it’s like learning to be a doctor – a doctor of physical fitness. You have to be educated and if you don’t prove that you have gained the knowledge, then you do not become a trainer- which is a good thing, because in that profession you absolutely better know what you’re doing!

So the point of my blog entry here is to recognize personal trainers and that if you have specific fitness goals in mind, whether to lose weight, increase strength, or find your abs, consider using a personal trainer to help you adequately reach your goal. You may do only one full session to walk away with the right work out plan for your body type and goals. Or, you may work continuously with a trainer so you can stay on track. Either way, I can guarantee that you will benefit from the experience!

A big shout out to all the personal trainers out there who help others reach their fitness goals!  Thank you for all that you do! To my local team of trainers at the Gold’s Gym in Lexington, SC – you guys and gals rock! I see you helping people daily and it’s such a great thing to see. And to my personal trainers, Rebekah and Michelle, you ladies are the bomb! 🙂

Me and my amazing trainer, Rebekah Dockery. Talk about leading by example -this lady’s body is incredible!

Me and my amazing trainer, Rebekah Dockery. Talk about leading by example -this lady’s body is incredible!

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