Celebrate the Little Victories

By: Mary Pat Baldauf

Last week was a tough one. My hip hurt. We very suddenly had to put our cat Pikachu Mantradown. A little leak turned into a flood in our bathroom. I came to work Friday utterly smileless and unmotivated. The best thing I could say was that I was there, but that was all. I even slipped out and had a fried bologna and cheese sandwich for lunch, hoping it would perk me up. No such luck.

When I came back from lunch, I saw a great tease on Twitter: “When you don’t lose a sock in the wash, and 10 other little victories to celebrate today.” I clicked the link, and I’m glad I did. The gist of the article was basically this: It’s easy to focus on what went wrong in the day, but making an effort to focus on your wins will pay off, and could eventually become second-nature. It goes on to give 11 great examples of little victories, including:

  • When you’re out of toilet paper — and there’s another roll hiding underneath the sink.
  • When you don’t lose a sock in the wash.
  • When the seat next you in the movie theater is empty, and you get full, uninhibited use of the arm rest.

And with a new frame of mind, I added a 12th, which actually happened as I was running lunch errands:

When you forget to feed the parking meter and see a meter reader beside your car, but return to find that somehow you didn’t get a parking ticket.

Check out the article and the accompanying “Morning Mantra” slide show. It may help turn your frown upside down. (It did mine!)

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