By: Shannon Shull

You sleep… you dream… and for those of us who actually remember our dreams, we are keenly aware that dreaming can be mysterious and mind blowing at times. Our dreams can take us to some pretty wild places, in some really crazy situations, and with some very random people. There are all sorts of dream decoding tools out there, but who’s to say what our dreams really mean? We can only guess at the meaning of our dreams. Sometimes it is clear why we experience certain dreams, while other times it is truly baffling where our dreams come from.

To sleep perchance to dreamWhy this topic? Well, I am a VERY vivid dreamer. I have been all my life. Through childhood and up into my college years, I was a sleep walker and sleep talker. My dear family and bestest buds have all sorts of tales they could tell about me! In my adult years, I’ve even discovered that I’m a sleep-emailer, too! Yes, one night a couple of months ago, I actually emailed myself in my sleep – I don’t remember a thing! Apparently, I picked up my iPhone and sent myself an email, which was short and perfectly typed, yet I had no clue what in the world I was talking about!

When I was pregnant with my two babes, WOW, talk about crazy dreams. When you’re already an incredibly crazy dreamer and you add pregnancy hormones to the equation, watch out! Early on during both of my pregnancies, before the ultrasound that told us what we were having, I had dreams about the sex of my child. Each dream was as clear as could be, and after I woke up I knew in my heart what I was having. Each time I was right on – truly amazing!

In my many years of dreaming, I’ve even developed a true connection to random people and even celebrities because of specific dreams I’ve had. For instance, I have a lovely and special bond with Brad Pitt and Garth Brooks. Yep, I do. Sure, they have NO clue about our unique connection, but it’s there! Though I’m from the South, I’ve never been a big country music fan and certainly didn’t know squat about country music singers back in my college years. But one night I had a totally random, weird dream about Garth Brooks. I won’t go into all the juicy details of the dream, but I saved Garth’s life and he ended up professing his undying love to me. From that dream on, I have always loved Garth Brooks. He’s the only country music star I adore. Remember the Garth Brooks as Chris Gaines album? It’s one of my absolute favorites! Yes, I will forever be a fan of his, and rightly so since I’ve saved his life and he loves me so much! 😉

And I’m sure you’re wondering about my connection with Brad Pitt. Well, I helped save his life, too. Back in my early 20s, like with Garth, I was not a huge fan of the super hot and famous actor. Sure, I thought he was good looking, but I wasn’t gaga over him like most of my friends. I was typically drawn to less mainstream celebrities, like Stephen Dorff and Jared Leto.  But one night I had this amazing, intricate dream about Brad Pitt. He had turned into a total bum walking the streets. With filthy, long hair and a beard, he was totally unrecognizable. In the dream, I helped who I thought was a troubled man who needed a bath and a meal. I took him home and the dream proceeded to move along like a full-on fabulous movie. I never felt scared or threatened by this strange, dirty man and even in my dream I kept thinking, what am I doing? He could be dangerous! But as I cleaned him up, he slowly became recognizable. He was Brad Pitt! He never said a word until the end of my dream. He was this human being who just wanted to be accepted for himself rather than his fame. It was so odd but so refreshing to help someone, and it certainly didn’t hurt that he ended up being Mr. Pitt!

Apparently, I get the vivid dreamer thing from my grandfather, my Pop, who was also a very vivid dreamer. So much so, that the rest of the family encouraged him to start keeping a dream journal. Every morning when he woke, he would write about the crazy dreams he remembered. One year my Mom and aunts even created a book of his writings, “Pop’s Dreams.” We all have a copy of it.  I should really take note and start keeping a journal of my dreams. Some I know I will never forget because they are so special and mean so much to me. After the death of my Pop and my grandmother, Lolli, I dreamt about them all the time, and I still do from time to time. I like to believe it’s their way of saying hello and letting me know they’re ok. It is so lovely to get those hugs in a dream from loved ones passed! When I dream of those who have gone to heaven, it is such a blessing to spend time with them! I don’t mind that I don’t understand how dreams work, I’m just happy see loved ones!

Sometimes, those dreams have a real purpose. After my Lolli passed away 13 years ago, I had a dream that I like to think helped save my life, or at least drastically improve my health. In my dream, my Lolli and I were chatting on an airplane – it felt as real as could be – and she randomly looked at me and said, “I’ll bet you $5 to never smoke another cigarette.” I looked at her and said, “WHAT???” Then she went on to explain to me that if I promised to never smoke a cigarette again for the rest of my life, that she would give me five dollars when I get to heaven. Now, I was never a full-on smoker by any means, but I did go through phases when I was younger in which I would do it casually in a social setting. But, eventually, I could’ve become full-on smoker. I was a sick child that got bronchitis a whole lot, so the last thing I need to do is smoke, so I like to think that this dream was Lolli’s way of helping to protect me. And I’m very proud to say, I’ve not smoked a cigarette since that dream and I don’t plan on it, either! By golly, I’m gonna get my five bucks from my Lolli when I go to heaven! 😉

DreamsDreams are a wild wonder of life. Sometimes they’re frightening and tragic, other times they provide a lovely, welcome escape, or they’re a tell-tale sign of things going on in your life. I could write about dreams for days.  I’ve dreamt of ogres and hunchbacks, flying over the ocean, hanging out with childhood friends in one of my childhood homes, defeating a bad guy with Thor and the Hulk, having a pet monkey, and dancing on Broadway – and that was all just in this past week! No kidding! Yea, I really need to start a dream journal. I could seriously write a book.

Do you have any profound dreams that have touched your life in some way? One of those dreams you will absolutely never forget? Please do share! It is indeed a fascinating topic!

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