What Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte & Miranda Taught Me About Life

By: Shannon Shull

I think of how I spent my early twenties watching the ultra famous and popular HBO show, Sex and the City. As much fun as it was, I wish more of it had actually sunk in! Truth is, I couldn’t relate to those women then. Heck, I was still a naïve baby. I watch the show now and can totally relate, appreciate, fantasize… the list goes on. My best girlfriends and I re-watch our Sex and the City dvds and wish we could escape and dive into worlds of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda.

Picture 3

“As we drive along this road called life, occasionally a gal will find herself a little lost. And when that happens, I guess she has to let go of the coulda, shoulda, woulda, buckle up and just keep going.”
– Carrie Bradshaw

Why is it that with a majority of us women, it’s not until we get older that we find ourselves? In a sense, we “wake-up” and figure out what we really want in life, decide we don’t want to settle, and attempt to learn that we need to live for ourselves? The older we get, the more we realize that life is just too short!


“It’s infuriating! Women sit around obsessing about what went wrong over and over again and men just say, alrighty.”
– Charlotte

These four fabulous characters were all fierce and independent, yet totally human, unique and imperfect women. They wanted acceptance and success. The show followed each of these women through their journeys of seeking love, finding their very own Prince Charmings, and achieving happiness. In the end, I think they and we, as viewers, were all pleasantly surprised to see who they ultimately chose as a partner. These ladies had a great time, worked hard, took care of themselves and embraced each other, faults, quirks and all. When I watch the show now, as a strong, independent woman in my late 30s, one of the best things I take from the characters of this show is the fact that it’s ok to love your body, celebrate life and embrace your age. Whether you’re in your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s – no matter what age – I say, as Goddess women, we owe it to ourselves to embrace life! Take it by the horns and ride that bull with ferocious determination!

Samantha Jones

“I’m gonna say the one thing you aren’t supposed to say. I love you… but I love me more. I’ve been in a relationship with myself for 49 years and that’s the one I need to work on.” – Samantha


“No, he’s not sick. He’s not hungry, he’s not teething, he just wants to scream. I’m doing everything I can but I can’t please him. If he was 35 this is when we would break up.”
– Miranda

Now let me be clear, I’m not dissing the teens and 20 something’s of the world by any means! I say, live it up girls, go experience life to the fullest so you can find your true selves and not be forced into what others in your life expect you to be. I only wish I had explored more and jumped right into all of the opportunities I could’ve taken advantage of as a wild and carefree young lady. But let’s face it women, it seems unanimous that we tend to look back to our early years and consistently say, “if I only knew how good I had it then, the whole world ahead of me!” Like we’ve all heard declared all too often, “You just don’t get how good you really got it when you’re young, until maturity and the real world smack ya in the face!”

“So many roads. So many detours. So many choices. So many mistakes.” – Carrie Bradshaw

“As we speed along this endless road to the destination called who we hope to be, I can’t help but whine, ‘Are we there yet?’
– Carrie

So why am I touching on this subject? Because as I sit and write this blog entry, it is my 38th birthday. Yep, there ya have it, I just confessed my age. I am increasingly aware of the fact that I am gaining on 40. But I figure I can’t encourage all of you incredible women to embrace your age if I don’t, right!? Lately, I have noticed so many outstanding older women of all shapes, sizes, strengths, talents, and I am constantly encouraged that just because we get older does not mean that our lives are over. We do not have to have our teen and twenty year old bodies to appreciate life and all its glories. We do not have to live vicariously through others who are younger than us. Life is good in these later years of ours – we’ve learned from so many mistakes, we’ve experienced triumph and tragedy, we’ve lived through just enough discoveries to journey into the rest of our precious lives with enough knowledge to (hopefully!) not completely blow it, and to instead recognize our strengths, our talents, our desires and our needs in this short life.

Carrie On

“When real people fall down in life, they get right back up and keep walking.”
– Carrie

“The universe may not always play fair, but at least it’s got a hell of a sense of humor.”
– Carrie

So, whether you are a fan of Carrie Bradshaw and the ladies, or not, they’ve helped a whole lot of us women cope with and embrace our ever aging lives. Goodness knows, they’ve become a part of my own therapy in holding onto the little bit of sanity I have left in my own complicated life. Sometimes there’s just nothing like watching an episode of Sex in the City, escaping into Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda’s world and being reminded that regardless of the hardships in life, we can (with style, of course) not only survive, but we can darn well take on the tough times, laugh at the absurdities, and encompass the complex whirlwind that is life. Like I said before, embrace the heck out of your amazing, precious, short life, because it’s the only one you get, SO WORK IT!

“The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you that you love, well, that’s just fabulous.” – Carrie

3 thoughts on “What Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte & Miranda Taught Me About Life

  1. Ahh yes, “Youth is wasted on the young” and all that lol…tis true and I must confess at 52 and reflecting back I will say I wish I could advise my 20 yr old self and say “embrace what you are now taking for granted girl!” Life is grand no matter what age we are but dang it all I truly wish I would have smiled more and realized how honestly blessed and loved I was each and every day and not sweated the small stuff so much 🙂

  2. This is so timely as I look forward to my 20 year high school reunion and wonder if we have figured out the meaning of life yet or are we still just scratching the surface? I think it is beneficial to take stock of your life and appreciate all you have learned and accomplished in spite of the bumps and bruises you may have gotten along the way!

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