Rose Ceremony

By: Roshanda Pratt

Rose CeremonyIf you have ever watched ABC’s The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, you are familiar with the rose ceremony. It is often filled with drama, tears, and one of the cast-offs saying something along the lines of, “He/she does not really know the people in the house. I had their best interest. I really loved them.” I have never been a fan of the show. I am really not sure how you can “love” someone you barely know. Or even tolerate spending time with someone who was with another person the night before. Just call me old fashioned, I guess. I never did like to share my crayons when I was a child.  Do you understand where I am coming from?

Today, I want to talk about one of Mama’s Losin’ It writing prompts. Here it goes:

Welcome to the most shocking rose ceremony.  Please award roses to the ten people or items in your life that you’d like to continue a relationship with?

My first rose goes to Christ, the rose of Sharon.  Today, I give Him a rose because Christ is constantly showering me with gifts. His bouquet has added a sweet spot to many of my cloudy days.  His bouquet has never died or wearied, but with each passing tear with Christ the more it blooms.

My second rose would be handed to my husband, JacobeeSeriously, this guy has patience. I am not an easy woman to live with. I have many imperfections, yet he loves me as if none of them matter.  Now, he’s not perfect either (I had to put that in there haha!). But we are perfecting imperfect together. Thank God for grace.

My third rose is handed to my three blessings, my children who keep me honest and make sure I have a daily dose of laughter.

My fourth rose goes to my parents & in-lawsAn African proverb says, “It takes a village to raise a child,” and there is no truer saying as it concerns my parents and in-laws. They have been a huge support system to my husband and me. They have rearranged their own schedules so my husband and I have time to reconnect. I am eternally grateful for them.

My fifth rose is for my Pastors who are great examples of leadership, faithful stewards in their family.  They have encouraged me and my family to be 300% in all facets of life.

My sixth rose is for my extremely worn and extremely tattered sneakers.  I recently took up running and have found that these are oldies but goodies. They have proven to be more supportive than the “newbies,”  which showed me sometimes older is better. (smile)

My seventh rose is handed to old friends. You know the friends who have seen you at your worst and at your best and choose to love you anyway?

My eighth rose is awarded to Veggie Tales, a quality message communicated in a humorous way. Much of our sweet family time together has been shared singing to “Lyle the kindly Viking.” Matter of fact, even when the children are not in the car, my husband and I can be caught jamming out. Don’t tell the kids!

My ninth rose goes to my laptop, the late night companion who has helped me through many proposals, research, and yes, even social media.

My last and final rose goes to all of you who are making a difference in the world.  If no one told you today, I say thank you for making the world a beautiful garden in full bloom.

My rose ceremony ended with minimal tears. How would your rose ceremony go? Who would you give a rose to?


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