Super Cool Apps

By: Shannon Shull

iPhoneOk, so I’ve written a blog entry about yummy apps to eat, now I’m writing to chat about fun apps (this time meaning technical applications for our new age gadgets) to play with.  Since getting an iPhone, I seriously feel like I’ve finally joined the tech savvy age. Every week I learn something new and super-cool that I can do on this phone. It really blows my mind!

I don’t get into all the games. My kids love Mindcraft, Bearville and Temple Run, just to name a few. We like to play with the apps Action Movie and Voice Plus. And I love my Pandora and iHeartRadio apps! But, recently one of my middle school students showed me an app called iMovie.   I have always wanted to be able to edit videos. Back in the day, I tried to figure out how to use a few different editing programs on my computer and just could never figure it out.  If these middle school kids can master it so easily, I thought, “Surely I can swing it!” I cannot believe how easy the program is! I absolutely love it. My kids and I have had a blast creating movies with this super-cool app.  Below are two of the recent movie trailers we created using iMovie – one to commemorate the visit with our Elf on the Shelf and one featuring my rascal pup named Monte. If you have an iPhone, play away and take advantage of all these cool apps – especially the ones that help you create video and voice recordings that you can treasure forever.

4 thoughts on “Super Cool Apps

  1. I, too, have an iPhone and am finding new, mind-blowing things to do with it every day 🙂 I haven’t played with the iMovie app but most definitely will! Thanks for sharing with us Shannon!

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